Disability Discrimination: Information & Legal Cases

Latest Disability Discrimination Publications

Lawsuit against state of Georgia alleging treatment and segregation of students with disabilities in GNETS Program violates Americans with Disabilities Act.

Nevada Department of Corrections policies and practices for housing and employing inmates with disabilities violate the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

EEOC federal agency charges mobile phone retailer management withdrew job offer to salesman because he uses a wheelchair.

Arlington-Mansfield Area YMCA refused to provide daily insulin injections to a child, which left him unable to attend the summer day camp program.

Class action lawsuit to challenge discrimination against movie-goers who are blind or low-vision.

Justice Department reaches settlement with Kent State University to resolve allegations of discrimination in university-operated student housing.

U.S. Department of Transportation fines United Airlines for violating rules protecting air travelers with disabilities and violating rule prohibiting long tarmac delays.

Muslim Social Research Network launches study to understand needs of Muslims with disabilities.

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