Autoimmune Diseases: Types, Facts & Information

Latest Autoimmune Diseases Publications

General information regarding Lambert-Eaton syndrome, a condition in which the human immune system attacks the neuromuscular junctions.

Information regarding Histiocytosis, a group of rare disorders involving cells that usually have important roles as part of the immune system.

Information relating to the human immune system including foods that help boost your immunity to certain health conditions.

New guidelines that educate patients in effective methods to prevent gout attacks and provide physicians with recommended therapies for long-term management.

Research shows women with celiac disease more likely than general population to report symptoms of depression and disordered eating even when they adhere to gluten-free diet.

Patients with Sjogrens syndrome experience dryness of the eyes and mouth as well as other parts of the body including the inability to cry.

Chronic ulcerative stomatitis is characterized by painful recurring sores in the mouth.

Celiac Disease an autoimmune disorder is on the rise with evidence of increasing cases in the elderly.

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