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Published: 2010/06/10
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Synopsis: To make it safely back to work on Monday a new program is introducing workers to the importance of off-the-job safety.


Boating, rock climbing, hiking, biking, waterskiing, motorcycle riding... all warm weather activities currently being planned for any number of fun-filled summer weekends to come.

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Before you leave work on any given Friday, here is something to keep in mind - everything in life comes with risk; leisure activities included. In order to make it safely back to work on Monday, a new program is introducing workers to the importance of off-the-job safety.

Large companies and small businesses alike have long recognized the financial necessity of having a robust on-the-job safety program in operation. As a result, the number of workers being hurt while on the job has been steadily decreasing throughout the U.S. Today, employees are safer at work than they are at home. According to the National Safety Council, off-the-job injuries and deaths ultimately cost American employers more than $200 billion each year in lost wages and productivity, medical and disability payments, and new worker training programs. Essentially, these injuries hurt workers physically, and businesses financially.

"Costly off-the-job injuries continue to occur and most companies and businesses find it very difficult to obtain employee buy-in of off-the-job safety," said Dr. Tobi Kosanke, President and CEO of Crazy K Farm Pet and Poultry Products, who is also a risk management expert. "Employees, by and large, feel that once they leave the office, their employer has no business to dictate how they should live their lives."

Dr. Kosanke knows all about risk management. Before becoming President and CEO of her own company, she was a motorcycle safety instructor for 15 years. She is also an avid rock climber and has participated in aircraft pilot safety programs. During her tenure at ExxonMobil, Kosanke served as a Division Safety Representative, and created the "Off-the-Job Safety" portion of a safety leadership training course for managers.

When Kosanke left the corporate world and started her own business in the private sector, she brought along her passion for off-the-job safety. It wasn't until after having to battle off-the-job safety issues within her own company that she recognized the scarcity of off-the-job safety resources available to U.S. businesses. She decided to offer lectures and courses to promote off-the-job safety in other organizations.

"I have used my two decades of experience in teaching, lecturing and curriculum development to create lectures and courses to help employees, both managers and non-managerial staff, recognize the value - and buy into the positive benefits - of off-the-job safety," Kosanke said. "I have a great advantage over other managers and training departments in that I am an experienced lecturer on the subject.

"Because there is a dearth of resources in the area of off-the job safety, and injuries that stem from it as a result continue to be a significant problem for U.S. businesses, I have decided to provide other companies with my expertise. My lectures and courses engage employees and facilitate the extension of their company's on-the-job safety program to their lives at home and within their communities. If desired, lectures and courses can be tailored to a company's specific needs with the addition of their own data."

More information about Dr. Kosanke's off-the-job safety lectures and courses can be found online at Questions and media inquiries can be directed to (800) 980-4165.

About Crazy K Farm® - Crazy K Farm® is located in Hempstead, Texas approximately 45 miles northwest of Houston. Chickens, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, goats and sheep are raised on the 35-acre working farm. The majority of the animals are rescues. Crazy K Farm® manufactures quality pet and poultry products including the patents-pending Hen Saver® hen apron, Avian Haven® hut for caged birds and Kitty Holster® cat harness. The company is a member of the Houston Better Business Bureau, and is in the process of becoming a woman-owned business through the Small Business Administration.

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