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Disabled World Editors and Contributors*

Ian Langtree

Ian was born and grew up in Australia. Since then he has traveled and lived in numerous locations and currently resides in Montreal, Canada. Ian is the founder, a writer, and editor in chief for Disabled World (www.disabled-world.com). You can follow Ian on LinkedIn, or learn more about Ian in his bio.

Tsara Shelton

Tsara is a published author who has lived in the U.S. and currently resides in Canada. Tsara is the author of Spinning in Circles and Learning From Myself, and a columnist and contributing editor to Disabled World. Tsara Shelton's writings cover a diverse range of topics - generally with a focus on family and autism. In her words, "Tsara Shelton is a writer of musings, sipper of coffee. Having learned life exploring the edges of society, through storytelling she finds her footing in the world-as a mom, wife, daughter, and citizen." Visit Tsara's bio for insights into her background, expertise, and accomplishments.

Kelley A Pasmanick

Kelley A Pasmanick resides in America. As a person writing about disability, who also has personal experience with disability, she is attempting to make it visible. Her goal is to write about the humanity of disability, to strip the subject of disability from only being spoken about in unattached, unaffected medical jargon. Visit Kelley's bio for insights into her background, expertise, and accomplishments.

Thomas C. Weiss

Thomas C. Weiss is from the U.S., he earned his Master's degree at Antioch University, Seattle in Whole Systems Design/Organizational Psychology. Writing about politics interests him due to the diversity of issues presented. Other qualifications include: Whole Systems Design/Organizational Psychology; Independent pursuits related to Disability Studies; Bachelor of Arts Western Washington University; Associate of Technical Arts Edmonds Community College. Visit Thomas' bio for insights into his background, expertise, and accomplishments.

Paul Dodenhoff

Paul Dodenhoff hails from the U.K. and has been writing articles for Disabled-World for numerous years, trying to raise awareness of his project, and hopefully raise issues that need to be raised as regards disability hate crime, and other connected disability issues. Visit Paul's biography for comprehensive insights into his background, expertise, and accomplishments.

Kathleen M. Cleaver

Kathleen from Pennsylvania, U.S.A., is a popular contributor of personal life stories and disability articles to Disabled World. Kathleen holds a Bachelor's degree in elementary education and the education of children whose primary disability is a visual impairment (TVI). During her thirty-year career as a teacher, Kathleen received the Penn-Del AER Elinor Long Award and the AER Membership Award for her service and contributions to the education of children with visual impairments. She also received the Elizabeth Nolan O'Donnell Achievement Award for years of dedicated service to St. Lucy Day School for Children with Visual Impairments. Visit Kathleen's biography for further insights into her background, expertise, and accomplishments.

Jalasa Sapkota

Jalasa Sapkota is a visually impaired writer, researcher, and advocate for disability inclusion. With a background as a former Research Assistant at Diverse Patterns Limited and now as a Resource Person for the International Council for Education of People with Visual Impairment (ICEVI) Gender Equality and Women's Rights Task Group, she has dedicated her career to advancing the rights and opportunities of persons with disabilities. Visit Jalasa's biography for comprehensive insights into her background, expertise, and accomplishments.

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