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Facebook - Stay informed with what's happening by becoming a fan of our Facebook profile. Our Facebook community is full of supporters and others from all walks of life who are seeking knowledge on disabilities.

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X (Formerly Twitter) - Follow Disabled World on X for up-to-date news relating to disabilities worldwide, coming events, past event coverage, and disability policy updates as they are published.

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Pinterest - See what's new and follow us on Pinterest. Follow our images of new assistive product releases, as well as our latest disability hints, tips, and ideas.

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Reddit - Follow Disabled World's latest news stories on Reddit, a social news aggregation, content rating, and discussion website.

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YouTube - See what's new and follow us on YouTube. This is a new account, and there is not much to see yet...but we are working on bringing you some great content.

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LinkedIn - LinkedIn is a social media site for forging and building professional contacts with others in the field or associated fields. Follow our daily updates on LinkedIn for conferences, news, and other current events.

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IMBD - Disabled World on IMBD lists disability related movie and documentary films as well as credits and film making donations we have contributed.

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RSS Feeds - Disabled World provides over 450 RSS feeds on a range of topics relating to disabilities, medical, and health news and information.

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