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Author: Disability Insurance Services, Inc.
Published: 2010/06/24
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Synopsis: New Innovative Insurance Marketing System for Disability Insurance Brokers and Producers.


New Innovative Insurance Marketing System for Disability Insurance Producers.

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Disability Insurance Services (DIS) is thrilled to introduce a new, innovative insurance marketing system called Broker Computer Assisted Marketing (BCAM). It's powerful, fast, responsive, and best of all, proven to rev-up disability insurance sales.

Hard-working insurance brokers are often so busy servicing clients that there's no time left to prospect. Many feel they could generate a much larger income if only they had more capacity. Now with BCAM, they do. "With our new system, brokers can attract new, quality leads and generate ready-to-present disability insurance quotes, all without lifting a finger," says Dan Steenerson, president of Disability Insurance Services. "It's as good as putting your insurance prospecting on autopilot."

Broker Computer Assisted Marketing works by processing leads through an automatic quote engine. Insurance agents choose from a library of free pre-written e-mails to send prospects. E-mails are DI-tailored and custom-branded with the producer's name, logo and contact information. Status alerts are sent to save brokers time and keep them in the know.

DIS' goal is to help insurance agents sell more disability insurance by simplifying the process. The new system underscores their dedication to provide industry-leading tools, practices and technologies to help insurance brokers and affiliates operate more effectively and efficiently.

The first of its kind in the DI industry, a system like this found elsewhere might cost upwards of $3,500. However, this new technology is offered to all insurance brokers interested in accelerating sales growth - for free.

"It just so happens that right now is an opportune time to start selling disability income insurance," says Steenerson. "It can become a steady and lucrative source of income for any insurance producer. Competition is low, commissions are generous and the lackluster economy has resulted in renewed consumer interest in income protection."

To learn more, request DIS' free report, "Searching for a Better Lead Lure: Discover Broker Computer Assisted Marketing," by e-mailing info@diservices.com.

About Disability Insurance Services Inc. - Founded in 1997, Disability Insurance Services markets a suite of disability insurance products through a nationwide network of brokers and affiliates. These products protect Americans' paychecks by providing income when an insured is disabled due to illness or injury. The company, headquartered in San Diego, Calif., is known for its expertise, end-to-end broker support and innovative practices. For more information, visit www.diservices.com or call 800-898-9641.

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