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No Medical Exam Life Insurance Coverage Information

  • Date: 2011/08/12
  • Term Insurance Quotes
  • Synopsis : Term Insurance Quotes discusses how a consumer might access no exam coverage and what the qualifications are for such a life insurance policy.

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Term Insurance Quotes Promotes No-Medical Exam Life Insurance Coverage.

A new addition to the site addresses the controversy over whether no-medical-exam term life indeed exists, and if so, how available it is to the average consumer. The page discusses how a consumer might access no-exam coverage and what the typical qualifications are for such a policy.

Term Insurance Quotes, a leading site that offers no-cost estimates on term life coverage as well as general life insurance information, has included a new page specifically written to address the controversy and confusion surrounding no-medical-exam policies. The page explains what no-exam policies entail as well as describing the applicants who have the best chance at qualifying for such coverage.

"Among online term life insurance shoppers, there is a raging debate over whether no-exam term life coverage actually exists. Some visitors have been denied for a no-med-exam policy themselves, so they believe the product is merely a myth or a marketing ploy constructed by life insurance carriers. Other visitors have had less experience and believe that anyone can qualify for a no-medical-exam policy no matter what their history. As our new page points out, the truth lies somewhere in between the two extremes," explained Max Bettfield, spokesperson for Term Insurance Quotes.

In the article, the site points out that most major carriers offer no-medical-exam coverage. However, most carriers also place significant restrictions on how much coverage they will issue and who is eligible for the policy. In most cases, applicants looking for a nominal amount of term life coverage have the best chance of qualifying for a no-exam policy. Young, healthy applicants willing to answer a few basic questions about their medical histories and lifestyles also have a strong chance at the coverage.

"What it comes down to is that even if you're unsure whether you want or could qualify for a no-medical-exam policy, your best bet is to visit the site to request term insurance quotes on this type of coverage. Our affiliates can quickly tell you if a no-exam policy would be possible and financially feasible in your case. And, as always, our estimates on no-exam coverage are completely free," said Mr. Bettfield. For more information visit - www.terminsurancequotes.com

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