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New Solution for Dirty Wheelchair Tires

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  • Synopsis: Wheelchair socks and slippers cover both front and rear wheelchair wheels preventing dirt, marks, scuffs and scratches on floors and carpets - Published: 2015-10-01 (Rev. 2016-06-11). For further information pertaining to this article contact: RehaDesign at

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"Like Wheelchair Slippers, Wheelchair Socks have a special material inside the wheelchair tire cover to grip onto the tire and prevent slippage."

Many wheelchair users and their families struggle with wheelchair tires leaving dirt, marks, scuffs and scratches on floors and carpets. Outside dirt and germs can leave floors messy and dirty. Wheelchair tires can damage expensive carpets and flooring.

For nearly a decade RehaDesign's Wheelchair Slippers have been helping wheelchair users by covering the rear wheelchair wheels. But wheelchair users have asked for a solution for the small wheelchair caster wheels in the front. Now the solution is available.

RehaDesign Wheelchair Socks go on the wheelchair caster wheels easily and quickly.

They can be put on while seated in the wheelchair or while outside of the wheelchair as can be shown in this video:

Like Wheelchair Slippers, Wheelchair Socks have a special material inside the wheelchair tire cover to grip onto the tire and prevent slippage.

Wheelchair Fitted with Socks and Slippers.
Wheelchair Fitted with Socks and Slippers.
Both Wheelchair Socks and Wheelchair Slippers are machine washable.

A water resistant wheelchair tire cover is also available.

RehaDesign Mud Eaters are wheelchair tire covers made from water resistant neoprene.

Mud Eaters can be useful for wheelchair tires which are frequently muddy or wet. These water resistant wheelchair tire covers can also be used at swimming pools, saunas and spas.

All of the RehaDesign Wheelchair Tire Covers are available from the RehaDesign website at or from the network of RehaDesign distributors worldwide.

Disability retailers interested in selling RehaDesign Wheelchair Accessories are invited to contact us to get information about reselling our innovative wheelchair accessories.

Video Demonstration of Wheelchair Tire Covers


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