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In His Service Tray for Wheelchairs, Chairs or Walkers

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Published: 2016-03-03 : (Rev. 2016-03-20)


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Finally The Clamps Are Gone. This Tray Is Quick To Mount, Easy To Use.

We are excited to tell you all about a revolutionary style of wheelchair tray that is new and has some wonderful benefits.

The In His Service Tray was developed by Connie Leinberger in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. Connie is an Activity Coordinator at an assisted living center. Here is her story.

I am the creator of an amazing tool that has enhanced the lives and brought dignity to the residents at our facility. First, let me tell you how this idea came about. At our facility we were celebrating our annual Christmas event for the staff and residents. As we all gathered in the dining hall, a large circle was formed with the residents, most of who were in wheelchairs.

In His Service Tray on wheelchair
In His Service Tray on wheelchair

The staff members proceeded to go around to each resident offering them a plate and an assortment of appetizers to choose from. Our average resident is 85 years plus and many of them suffer from arthritis and/or have suffered from a stoke limiting their use to only 1 hand. I noticed the residents were struggling to keep their plate on their laps and also had a difficult time trying to eat their food. It was also very cumbersome for them to hold onto a drink and open presents or have a conversation without having to constantly tend to the items on their lap. I wanted to make their experience more enjoyable and began thinking of ways in which it could be done.

I knew the device would have to be sturdy and easily slipped on and off. I wanted it to be something that does not lay in front of the residents, but is attached to the side of the chair, giving them freedom to move and maintain their dignity when sitting with groups of people and interacting. Long story short, after much hard work, research and testing, that something became the In His Service Tray. We've tested and currently use the tray in our facility In Menomonee Falls.

It works just great for snack and beverage gathering hour, indoors and outside. When we gather for our "At the Movies" event, it holds their soda and popcorn. If the residents play cards or enjoy a dice game it serves us well. The ladies love it for manicures on the go. We have also performed several hand bell concerts where 10 to 12 residents put their desk hand bell on the In His Service Tray and perform for their family members. No longer are they confined to sit behind large banquet tables as before. Now, in a few seconds, the tray is put on each resident's wheelchair, chair or walker and we are ready to make music and we're looking good too.

The joy and pride it brings to our residents is so rewarding and I am humbled to be a part of it. It is my sincere hope that the In His Service Tray will provide your residents with many years of functionality and give the same dignity and joy it has to our residents."

In His Service Tray Design
In His Service Tray Design

Each In His Service Tray is sturdy and is made in the USA of heavy steel with a black powder coating to allow the trays to be cleaned and sanitized quickly.

Each unit also includes a cover that slips on easily. These "bookcovers" allow each person to individualize their tray and change it up when they want.

These trays can be mounted on most any chair with a 2 inch wide arm and they will go on the left or the right side as needed. The best part is that they can be mounted in just a few seconds and then removed just as quickly and easily.

This recommendation from last Christmas:

I wanted to tell you that I gave the tray that I bought from you to my grandma for Christmas. She absolutely LOVED it. I put a green book cover on because of Christmas and because she's Irish. I also included about 9 other colors for her to pick from. I am so glad I bought this for her. The only adjustment I had to make was putting the tray on the left side since she is left-handed. It was so easy to do and slipped right in. Thanks for coming out with such an awesome product. I still have your card and if anyone is interested in purchasing a tray I will give them your contact information.

Thanks again Connie, I was glad we were both able to make my grandma's Christmas extra-special.

In His Service Tray diagram of use
In His Service Tray diagram of use

Thank you for taking the time to read this article and we hope this tray can serve you or a friend for many years as you "Get out from behind the table".

Visit for more details about the In His Service Tray.

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