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WC Caddy Makes Transporting a Wheelchair Easier

  • Date: 2009/06/15 (Rev. 2017/05/01)
  • Disabled World - Disabled World
  • Synopsis : The wheelchair caddy is a revolutionary new product that enables a caregiver to easily lift and carry a wheelchair.

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The WC Caddy, wheelchair caddy, is a revolutionary new product that enables a caregiver to easily lift a wheelchair.

The unique and patented wheelchair caddy enables a person to pick up a wheelchair with the arms and legs, and not with their back. The wheelchair wizard slips over your wheelchair. Then there is a drawstring that runs down the spine of the carrier, around the bottom of the carrier and around the wheels of the wheelchair, and back up. The rope is then pulled through our rope clutches that lock the bottom of the carrier around the wheels of your wheelchair. You now can easily pick up your wheelchair with our top handle and two bottom handles, distributing the weight of your wheelchair and keeping it from unfolding while lifting. When you are ready to use your wheelchair you simply push the unlock button on the rope clutches and the Wheelchair Wizard slips off with ease.

Wheelchair caddy
Wheelchair caddy

The Wheelchair Wizard is made of the finest and strongest Cordora, 1,000 lb rock climbing rope, it has nickel plates rivets and zippers, Spin Lock custom designed rope clutches just for the Wheelchair wizard, padded handles, and double stitched and then box stitched for extra strength.

The product has been on countless cross country flights, checked as luggage, with no damage either to the wheelchair or the Wheelchair Wizard.

The patented design is built to give you and your loved one years of reliable service.

WC Caddy Benefits

  • Airline Travel - This new product enables a person to travel with their wheel chair on an airline with out fear of it being broken/damaged. It saves the additional cost and inconvenience of renting a wheel chair at a person's destination. The side pouches conveniently hold the leg risers and seat cushion during travel.
  • Reduces likelihood of back injury - There is simply no way to lift a wheel chair into an automobile trunk without bending over the chair and hoisting it with your back. Until now.
  • Extends the life of your wheel chair - This new product reduces the abuse a wheel chair takes when hoisting into and out of an automobile. We have put handles on a 42 lb wheel chair so it is easy to lift.
  • Keeps it clean and cool - When used on the trailer hitch carriers, our product keeps the chair from getting dirty from road debris and rain. It keeps the chair from getting direct sun light during the summer. A wheel chair can reach 150 degrees when left out in the sunlight, to the point where it cannot be touched or ridden in. It keeps it free from dust when not in use or being stored in the home or garage.
  • Increase quality of life for the wheelchair dependent - If a primary care provider, such as a spouse, cannot without great effort load a wheel chair into and out of an automobile, then trips to the hair salon, grocery store, shopping, or simply a ride to get out of the house are limited. This product takes away the challenge of hoisting the chair, so that simple trips or outings become simple again.

The main goal of this product was to increase the quality of life for both people who have a wheel chair in their life. Without the W C Caddy, trips out are limited, and when they do occur it is with great resentment on the part of the person having to deal with the lifting of the wheel chair. Unfortunately, that resentment is focused on the person who has to depend on the wheel chair for getting around. My goal was to make a product that took away the strain and hassle of lifting a 42 lb product, so that the trip to the hair salon or Wall Mart was fun again, for both people. A single trip out involves lifting the chair into the trunk of a car, lifting it back out when you arrive at the destination, lifting it back into the car when leaving, and back out upon returning home. That's four times on a single outing that the wheel chair has to be lifted.

Care Provider Safety.

Older people should not be lifting a 42 lb anything, but unfortunately this routine happens 25 to 50 million times a day here in the United States. If the primary care provider strains their back during the lifting of the wheel chair, then the person being cared for has lost their main care provider. Trips to the store are canceled, making breakfast, even turning on the TV turns into a great challenge. We now have to depend on others to do these simple tasks, be it other family members, or insurance assistance. This product greatly reduces the likelihood of injury due to lifting a wheel chair.


My only reason for inventing this product was to make it easier to load a 42lb wheelchair into and out of an automobile trunk without using your back to do the primary lifting. It if could accomplish this, then everybody that has a manual wheelchair in their life might do more of the fun trips, like to the bookstore, the hair salon, or maybe lunch on Sundays after church, not just the trips to the doctors office. My product puts handles on a wheelchair so that you now can load the wheelchair by bending your knees, and not you're back. It also distributes the weight so that you lift with your arms, not your back. My product slips on with ease, pulls tight, and completely encases the wheelchair so that it much easier to lift, all without bending over even once.

William Crocker, Founder and Inventor - mywheelchaircaddy.com

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