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Published: 2009/03/23 - Updated: 2010/11/18
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Synopsis: AARP Health Care Options program is found to be best suited for individuals falling in the 50 and over seniors age group.


There is a special supplemental insurance plan called AARP Health Care Options, which helps consumers with research.

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The AARP Health Care Options program has exhaustively put together a catalog of groups they have found to be best suited for individuals falling in the 50 and over age group.

This particular program (which is made available expressly and exclusively to AARP members and their spouse) is presently serving over 3.5 million members of the AARP and has become immensely popular.

However, only recently has AARP Health Care Options started offering affordable health insurance, discounts on eye care and non-prescription and prescription medications. Previously its main offering was limited to supplemental health insurance.

AARP Is Extremely Popular With Seniors

With the AARP medical insurance program, members and their spouses may get the very best health insurance products that are on the market. Such 'products' might consist of (but aren't limited to) primary health insurance plans, supplemental insurance plans, etc. In select states, Dental insurance will also be included. The healthcare choice additionally offers reduction on non-prescription and prescription drugs and eye care etc. It also takes the responsibility of delivering medical supplies directly to you.

There are a number of different ways members of the AARP can find savings. To begin, there's the Medicare Rx Plan, which essentially is a Medicare prescription drug plan that is insured by United Health. But really, that's just the beginning. With AARP insurance options, you can even save money on some nutritional supplements. To top it off, Members of the AARP can qualify for as much as a 60% discount on contact lenses and glasses.

Medical Insurance Options Online

Now enrollment is available online, and as long as you have someone to assist you with the online application, it can be quite simple. If you speak with a local Pharmacist, they will likely know the appropriate choices for your health care needs.

Concerns About Changes In Medicare

Numerous seniors have shown concern about the changes in Medicare, often wondering how the new features might affect them. It may be said that the AARP health care option is beneficial for people who have lost Medicare coverage.

There are some seniors that have found their Medicare part D plan isn't enough coverage for their prescription needs and ended up in a scramble when they hit the "doughnut hole". It's rumored that the Government is beginning to lean towards encouraging seniors to find a different source when this occurs. If you are aware that your Medicare supplement plan won't cover your prescription needs, you should really think about this Canadian prescription plan alternative.

If you would like to enroll in AARP health insurance, you must apply "within 63 days of the term date of the prior health plan". Remember that you must also "provide a copy of the Notification of Rights letter from this prior insurer with the new application".

Although the recent modifications in Medicare may have been problematic at first, many senior citizens have been able to find affordable health insurance. If you're still struggling with an insurance decision, Health insurance through AARP provides coverage in most circumstances and is worth looking into.

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