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Health Insurance for People with Disability or Uninsurable Health Condition

Author: Max Snyder

Published: 2012-11-28 : (Rev. 2013-06-16)

Synopsis and Key Points:

Individuals with infirmity or uninsurable health conditions may face trouble getting the coverage they require.

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Regardless of how many defensive measures you take, you can't ever ignore the chances of falling sick or having an accident. Although you may not realize the importance of a life indemnity policy, don't mess around with health insurance. Just a few days in the hospital can take a heavy toll on your wallet.

Health insurance companies often assess a policy applicant's health condition and other risk factors while deciding whether to issue health insurance and at what rate. Hence, individuals with infirmity or uninsurable health conditions may face trouble getting the coverage they require. Again, people with certain infirmities need health coverage because their health conditions require standard medical care. Nevertheless, the law puts strict restrictions on how insurers may apply information regarding a disability. Refusing coverage or charging a higher fee based on an imprudent use of data may qualify as unlawful discrimination. In case you are handicapped or have a health condition, it is crucial to know your rights so you can protect yourself.

Medical coverage for long-term disability

If you can prove that you are ill with a long-term disability that stops you from working, it might be possible for you to qualify for monthly SSDI or Social Security Disability Insurance payments and for Medicare. Nevertheless, it could be a lengthy process and even though you get approved for SSDI, you need to wait for a long time before you start receiving Medicare benefits.

An appeal for disability benefits begin with an online application process. You need to have toiled sufficient hours in order to qualify for Social Security benefits to have a possibility of success. The Social Security Administration gives a very strict description of disability.

You need to incapable of accomplishing any important work due to your disability. Your health condition must have lasted for at least a year, or is likely to bring about your death.

Your request for SSDI is expected to proceed more speedily if you select one particular doctor as the top contact for your case. It's always advisable to opt for the one who has adequate knowledge in disability cases, answers instantly to requests for details and is aware of your overall health condition.

It's would also be wise on your part to keep a detailed record of your experiences with regular activities to document, for instance, any problems you have with transportability or any offshoots you are experiencing due to medications. This will prove to be helpful when you go for an interview with an envoy from Social Security. The meeting may take place either over phone or personally at your nearby Social Security office.

According to the Social Security Administration, most applications are responded within three to five months of time. However, for a majority of the applicants, the wait for Medicare benefits is just commencing, even if their application gets approved. On a general basis, your payment will initiate with your sixth month of disability. In case you have been already approved for SSDI, you need to wait two years after that phase gets over for your Medicare indemnity to start.

Max Snyder is an ex-insurance agent, a financial writer, currently associated with AMP Insurance Community. He takes part in discussion on online forums and answers queries of people seeking insurance related solutions, especially on health insurance queries -

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