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Ian C. Langtree - Content Writer/Editor for Disabled World
Published: 2010/02/03
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Synopsis: Information on the SCAN health plan providers for seniors and low income applicants.


The SCAN Health Plan (SCAN) is a not-for-profit health plan founded in 1977 and based in Long Beach, California.

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The organization serves more than 110,000 people with Medicare in Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino San Diego and Ventura counties, California, and Maricopa county Arizona.

The SCAN Health Plan organization also manages one of the largest Multi-Purpose Senior Service Projects (MSSP) in California. The MSSP provides community-based, long-term care and personal care coordination for low-income, frail seniors.

A similar program managed by SCAN, called Linkages, provides case management and community services to support independence for persons with disabilities.

The company also offers a health plan for Medicare and Medicaid-eligible individuals as part of the state's long term care program in Maricopa county. In 2009, SCAN expanded to Santa Clara, Contra Costa and San Francisco counties in northern California. Also in 2009, SCAN acquired Medcore Health Plan in San Joaquin county, California and now serves more than 2,000 residents there.


SCAN was formed by a group of seniors who were frustrated by their lack of access to services and who wanted an organization that addressed their specific needs. These seniors formed the Senior Care Action Network, now known as SCAN Health Plan.

SCAN is one of the California Long-Term Care Alternatives (Home and Community-Based Service Options) healthcare providers, and has provided the care needed to keep more than 75,000 seniors out of nursing homes.

Today, SCAN is the fourth largest not-for-profit Medicare Advantage health plan in the United States, and is developing its business to geriatric related health management, such as geriatric nursing, geriatric rehabilitation to facilitate and enhance seniors' ability to manage their health, and to continue to control where and how they live.

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