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Author: Julie Jacobs
Published: 2008/12/24 - Updated: 2010/06/24
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Synopsis: The adventurous disabled crowd is recapturing their mobility in a special needs RV.


RVing is a way that many of us choose to aid in keeping our sanity.

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There is nothing quite like finding that far off place on the map. These are the experiences that last a lifetime. Many that seek these types of experiences are disabled travelers. They can be as adventurous as anyone, and sometimes more so than the rest of us. The adventurous disabled crowd is finding out that recapturing their mobility can be done in a special needs RV.

Special needs RVs and also van conversions are being made by fifteen manufacturers Nation wide. The possibilities are endless for the travel seeking disabled individual, with a properly outfitted special needs RV. Disabilities and health concerns become unconcerning; with wheel chair ramps, roll-under sinks, longer faucet handles, lower kitchen counters and cabinets, easy access controls, wider entrances and roll-in showers, the design of the special needs RV will surely accommodate. Customizing a special needs RV is all that a disabled traveler needs to do.

Whether the traveler is severely disabled; or has minor disabilities; they can find the options and special amenities that they need to meet their unique travel needs. Everyone should have a memorable and enjoyable trip. Traveling by RV should be an opportunity that we can all choose, comments Clint Ethington, manager of Pedata RV in Tucson Arizona. "There are fantastic benefits to RV travel including medical support and health classes offered by various campgrounds." Everyone seems to be helping to make RV travel more accessible for the disabled. The RV lifestyle welcomes newcomers, including disabled travelers.

These days, if you have made the decision to travel by RV, you may do so. With the help of RV manufacturers, this is being made possible. Manufacturers work to improve the amenities that are available in the special needs RV's and van conversions. They work to make RVing an option to everyone that chooses it, special needs or not. Traveling the country is traveling the country. You may choose to fly to your destination, you might want to take a train, or go by bus. Most choose to travel by RV. Now, just about everyone has this option thanks to those fifteen manufacturers offering special needs RV's and van conversions. They have made it possible for all of us.

Julie Jacobs is an avid RVer and reports from the road about rvs and rv travel. Find more rv related articles at www.pedatarvcenter.com/news/

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