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Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Notification Cards

  • Publish Date : 2010/12/21 - (Rev. 2011/03/18)
  • Author : NMEDA


Traveling can be a hassle for those with disabilities and airport security screenings can be especially tough.

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Flying Anywhere Soon? Have Your Notification Card

Traveling for anyone is somewhat of a hassle, but for those with disabilities, it can be a nightmare sometimes.

Airport security screenings can be especially tough. However, approximately a third of people with disabilities fly at least once every two years, so the drawbacks don't stop everyone. Now the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has made it a tad bit easier.

TSA has created notification cards that travelers may use to inform Transportation Security Officers (TSO) about any disability, medical condition or medical device that could affect security screening. Although these cards do not exempt them from security screening, their use may improve communication and help travelers discreetly notify TSOs of their conditions.

TSA has distributed the cards directly to various disability groups. They are available for download at disability-related Web sites such as www.disability.gov by entering "Notification Cards" in the site's search field.

Other tips to lower the stress level when traveling:

  • It is especially difficult for seniors and those with disabilities when airlines bump passengers. Get your seat assignment as early as possible, as they bump those with unassigned seats first.
  • Remind the screener about your physical limitations and any internal or external medical implants before a pat-down procedure. Ask them to change their gloves to avoid germs.
  • If you're taking gifts, don't go to the trouble of wrapping them. TSOs may unwrap them for security reasons.
  • Your notification card, medications, money and tickets should be in a carry-on, not in luggage that has been checked.
  • If you need a lot of personal care, travel with someone who is familiar with your needs.

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