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Custom Wheelchairs Paint Frames and Designs

  • Synopsis: Published: 2009-01-31 (Revised/Updated 2015-10-30) - Custom wheelchairs are designed on an individual basis to address physical infirmities enhance capabilities and suit the style and tastes of their users. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Ian Langtree at Disabled World.

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Quote: "The custom wheelchair has made possible and entire range of athletic activities for the wheelchair-bound, and some wheelchair athletes are among the best-conditioned in the world."

Among the advances in modern medical care which have gone the furthest to improve the quality of life for those who were previously bedridden are the custom wheelchairs. Custom wheel chairs are designed on an individual basis, to address physical infirmities, enhance the physical capabilities, and suit the style and personal tastes of their users.

Custom wheelchairs have made wheelchairs cool.

Custom wheelchairs are to standard wheel chairs what luxury ocean liners are to river barges. They offer much more than mere transport; they give their users exceptional comfort and ease-of-use. Custom wheelchairs can be adapted to meet the very specific needs of a patient; suppose someone who has lost use of both hands wanted to hold his or her newborn. Custom wheel chairs can be designed with the adjustments needed to make it possible.

Custom Adjustments

Arm amputees can have dual hand rims added to their custom wheelchairs so that they can propel themselves with a single arm. This one adjustment will free them from being dependent on assistance when they want to go somewhere.

The frames of custom wheelchairs can be designed to the physical specifications of their users; this makes them exceptionally comfortable because of the adequate support they offer to every part of the user's body.

Custom wheelchairs can also be designed to cope with indoor or outdoor use, over a variety of terrain, providing exceptional stability and flexible maneuvering which simply does not exist in standard wheelchairs.

The custom wheelchair has made possible and entire range of athletic activities for the wheelchair-bound, and some wheelchair athletes are among the best-conditioned in the world. There are custom wheelchairs adapted for almost every imaginable sport including tennis, basketball, rugby, racing, waterskiing, and off-roading.

Custom Detailing

Custom wheelchairs not only add independence to their users' lives; they can be a fashion statement. An enormous range of paint colors and designs; made-to-order upholsteries; patterned spoke guards and wheel spinners are all available to make a chair unique. When it's finished, the user can add his or her personal touches, like zip-on frame covers.

The technological advances in therapeutic devices has seen some of its most profound benefits come through custom wheelchairs. With the increased public access not available to wheelchair users, and their amazing custom wheelchairs, disabled people have seen their mobility increase to the point that there are very few places where they cannot go, and are now more independent, and athletic, than ever!

The advancement of technology has greatly enhanced the lives of people with disabilities in almost every possible way, more so in assistive therapy such as that of wheelchairs. With this new innovation coupled with the society's accommodation to the needs of disabled people, these individuals will be able to resolve the majority of their mobility problems and become more independent on doing ordinary tasks with little or no assistance at all.

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