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CareRunner Caregiving Website Launched

  • Published: 2009-10-22 : Author: CareRunner
  • Synopsis: CareRunner website designed to provide non-professional caregivers with online tools information and support.

CareRunner, an innovative website designed to provide non-professional caregivers with the online tools, information and support to more easily manage the care of loved ones, today announced that the free service has been launched and is available to the public.

CareRunner provides a wide range tools to share information, manage health and prescription records, coordinate care, communicate privately and securely, and learn more about health conditions and caregiving strategies. Today, more than 40 million Americans provide care to family members and loved ones, with acute and chronic illness and those of advanced age. On average caregivers are 47, female and have families and spouses of their own. In many cases they live hundreds of miles from those for whom they are providing care making the process even more demanding, time consuming and complex.

CareRunner was founded by internet advertising pioneer Marc Kiven whose father suffers from Alzheimers. "It became apparent to me that the web could be a great aid to me and millions of others who really need tools and resources to manage the care of a loved one. From there the concept grew to the point where we are now able to empower millions of caregivers on our site. That's exciting to me personally as I know just how difficult and stressful providing and coordinating care can be."

Bob Hoyler, President of CareRunner added, "CareRunner not only makes it easier for the primary caregiver to organize care whether nearby or from across the country, but also to share information with others. CareRunner is designed to enable every person in the circle of care to be as informed and involved as possible, helping to take strain off the caregiver."

Specific CareRunner tools include:

Care Journal -For reporting activity and exchanging information with family and friends, the Care Journal allows members of a community to communicate with one or many all at once. It has secure access controls to organize who can see what information. Entries may be sent to whomever the caregiver sees fit. During its test period, CareRunner found some of its users were home health care aids who became involved in the communication process so that family could get updates even when managing remotely. Private messaging is also embedded, allowing for conversation with a single member or multiple members in the community in one place and accessible from anywhere online. A calendar feature also helps caregivers track of a wide variety of tasks and events such as doctor visits, caregiving schedule, family gatherings or other times when help is needed. Functions include event creation, invitations, reminders, directives for participants and a wide variety of other helpful functions such as auto emails and real time alerts.

Care Record -The Care Record is a secure, private element of the website to store and update important medical and prescription information in one location accessible to all those with authorization. This feature provides a simple method to share medical information with medical professionals and others who need to know. The Care Record also safely stores legal documents such as powers of attorney and wills as well as contacts and other information needed for emergencies, doctors, visiting nurses, handymen and others.

Directory of Goods and Services - The site organizes and provides members access to important goods and services related to the care of loved ones including supplies and services, assisted living, long term care facilities, home care, social services, legal and financial resources, among others, all search-able by geographic area and linked through the site.

Expert Q&A through "Ask the Experts" - Care Runner is in the process of developing robust content which will provide caregivers and their circle of care direct access to a range of experts such as care plan nurses, Gerontologists, Dietitians, financial planners and attorneys, social workers/counselors, veteran caregivers and disease state experts such as Alzheimer's. Experts will answer and post Q&A's on an ongoing basis building a rich archive of helpful reference material for members. The site will also include a news and commentary related to caregiving, providing additional informative content to members.

Several key CareRunner staff members have personally experienced providing care for loved ones and have insights into the needs of caregivers. Product Manager Susan Hock Conley observed, "Like most caregivers I was overwhelmed with the volume of fragmented information I had to manage such as medical records and prescriptions needing organization and monitoring. I also spent a great deal of time and energy communicating with other family members, friends and healthcare providers, scheduling visits and performing a multitude of tasks I never expected. Having the functionality of a CareRunner would have been a great aid to me."

About CareRunner

CareRunner is an innovative, website designed to provide non-professional caregivers with the online tools, information and support to more easily manage the care of loved ones, in a single site. CareRunner's wide range of tools enable caregivers to share information, manage health and prescription records, coordinate care, communicate privately and securely, and learn more about health conditions and caregiving strategies. For more information logon at or call 312-593-8461.

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