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Dr. Ruth - America's Charismatic Sex Therapist

  • Synopsis: Published: 2010-06-02 - Dr. Ruth widely known as an expert on sex and relationship therapy on cable TV show. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Retirement Living TV.
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She's Spicier Than "Sex and the City" - But These Dr. Ruth Specials Explore Other Topics...

While she is most widely known as an expert on sex and relationship therapy, Dr. Ruth's programming specials offer another side of her, that of a renowned sociologist and teacher. Retirement Living TV (RLTV) will air three documentaries by leading sociologist, Dr. Ruth Westheimer. In celebration of her 82nd birthday, RLTV will feature three deeply touching documentaries that follow her as she explores and celebrates the traditions and customs of her heritage. These stories highlight the importance of passing on family values, especially the manner in which they are transmitted to future generations.

The celebration will begin with The Olive and the Tree that aired Tuesday, June 1st at 9 p.m. (EDT), followed by No Missing Link on Wednesday, June 2nd at 9 p.m. (EDT), and A Jewish Spirit Sings on Thursday, June 3rd at 9 p.m. (EDT).

On Dr. Ruth's birthday, Friday, June 4th, RLTV will air all three specials as a tribute beginning at 8 p.m. (EDT). While the subject matter in each is varied, all three documentaries feature Dr. Ruth and demonstrate the relevancy of an individual's heritage and family legacy.

"Far more than just America's charismatic sex therapist, Dr. Ruth holds a Master Degree in Sociology and an Ed.D. in Interdisciplinary Study of the Family," said Elliot Jacobson, Senior Vice President, Programming. "RLTV is thrilled to honor Dr. Ruth on her birthday and to celebrate her broad range of talents and expertise as a sociologist with an exciting series of documentaries."

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