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Disability Payments for Back Conditions

Author: Brent Adams and Associates

Published: 2009-02-24 : (Rev. 2010-07-04)


Disabling back conditions enable a citizen to recover disability income from the Federal Government.

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Disabling back conditions enable a citizen to recover disability income from the Federal Government.

Approximately 80% of all adults will have a serious back problem during their life. Fortunately, most of these back problems are not disabling. However, if the back condition is such that one can no longer work and earn a living, disability payments can be received from the Social Security Administration.

Many disabling back conditions are not apparent to the casual observer. Most people who are disabled from a back problem can move about, drive a car and live a relatively normal life. However, these people are unable to work and hold down a job.

In determining whether a person is disabled as a result of back condition the Social Security Administration takes into account the persons education, job skills, age and other vocational factors which impact upon a persons ability to work.

A person who has little education or job training and who has worked all of their life in jobs which required heavy lifting and heavy use of the back and body will be determined totally disabled. The same back condition, however, in a person with more education and better job skills may not be determined to be disabling. For instance, if an individual has job skills which will allow him to work at a desk and not be required to lift heavy objects, that person will not need a good strong back to the same extent as someone without highly advanced job skills. This person could work with a "bad back" even though the same back condition would disable someone whose entire job history involved heavy lifting.

Each claimant is individually evaluated taking all relevant factors into consideration. Therefore, the issue of whether a person is disabled from a back condition is very complex. It is many times difficult to predict whether a person with a back condition will be determined to be disabled such that they would be entitled to social security disability income.

Reference: Our right as working Americans to social security disability income protection is valuable. At Brent Adams and Associates ( we have helped hundreds of individuals obtain full social security disability benefits as a result of back conditions. Many of these people have been repeatedly turned down for benefits before they came to us.

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