Toys for a Child with Disability

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Author: Eileen Cruz Coleman
Published: 2009/02/09 - Updated: 2013/06/12
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Synopsis: Finding the right age appropriate toy that will accommodate the play needs of a child with a disability.


Nothing brings children outdoors to play faster than a warm and sunny day...

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As summer approaches and the sun begins to set at a slower pace, sandboxes, water tables, play tents, and balls, as well as other toys which have spent the cold months behind walls will get dragged outside by giggling children and their parents. It is the time when parents are eager to fill those long summer days with fun and educational activities to keep their children's development going during the off season.

When it comes to play time, children with disabilities are no different than other children. There are over 6.2 million children with disabilities in the United States, roughly 13% of the total child population.

Shouldn't these children be given the opportunity to enjoy the summer just as much as children without disabilities

The task of finding the right toy that not only is age appropriate but will also accommodate the needs of a child with a disability, falls in the hands of parents and family members who want nothing more than to please their child or grandchild. But their toy-shopping experience is different than other parents or family members whose children do not have special needs. There are thousands of toys from which to choose but finding just the right toy to match the varying abilities of each child with special needs can be a challenge.

Enter Ableplay, a toy rating system and Website that provides comprehensive information on toys for children with special needs so parents, special educators, therapists and others can make the best choices for the children in their lives with disabilities.

Developed by the National Lekotek Center, the leading nonprofit authority on play for children with disabilities, AblePlay will provide parents, and the professionals who work with them, access to the most useful, product-specific information about the top play and learning products and toys for children with disabilities.

To find out more information about Ableplay and their Outdoor Play Toys such as the Me-Too, Play Tent, and Rib-It-Ball, visit Ableplay on the Web at or call: (773) 276.5164

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