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Rachel Ray Diet to Stay Fit and Healthy

  • Published: 2009-02-25 (Revised/Updated 2010-06-24) : Author: Barbara Knight
  • Synopsis: Rachel Ray is famous for her fast, healthy and easy recipes she never favors crash diets.

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Rachel Ray is a renowned cook, media personality and author of several best seller books.

Rachel Ray is famous for her fast, healthy & easy recipes. Her take on diet says 'no diet.' She never favors crash diet.

Rachel Ray's Formula to Stay Fit

You must have your meals on time.

You must never miss them.

The breakfast must have high protein content and healthy carbohydrates.

Have lots of water.

Replace soda with water in your daily routine.

Have raw & fresh fruits and vegetables as much as you can.

Do not have food just to accompany some one. Do not have food if you are not hungry.

Exercise moderately as & when you get time.

Avoid the food items that lead to weight gain for you.

When you go on any diet, decide what you are targeting - pounds loss or inches loss.

Have lots of lean proteins in your diet.

You must not weigh yourself every now & then. You must give it some time.

Her new take on weight loss diet is the Flat Belly Diet. With this diet plan one can lose 25 pounds with in 3 weeks. In this diet, your focus must not be to quit everything. You can have those but in limits.

The general science of the body explains:

Calorie intake + Exercise = Calories burnt well

You must have food rich in Mono unsaturated Fats also known as MUFA. For this you must take loads of the extra virgin olive oils, that is, E.V.O.O.

We must also understand that stress leads to weight gain as well. If you chalk out some time of the day exclusively for yourself, you would be able to relieve stress. This would also lead to weight loss. Another way of doing this is planning your day well enough along with some activities that you enjoy doing the most, for instance, dance!

Reference: Rachel and Oprah are getting slimmer and healthier, Now its your turn to look like the Dynamic Duo!


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