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Risks of Concussions - Safety Conference

Published: 2011-01-29
Author: Findlaw PR

Synopsis: Concussion can be suffered as a result of motor vehicle accidents sports or other events causing impact to the head.

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The risks and implications of concussions have gained much attention recently. It is wise for everyone to be aware of common causes and symptoms.


In the professional racing world, the past decade has brought significant safety improvements. Pro auto racers in major competitions are required to use the Head and Neck Support (HANS) device and the Steel and Foam Energy Resistant (SAFER) barrier. Driver protection is a top priority in the design of professional race cars.

Unfortunately, not all of these improvements have trickled down to the amateur ranks. Without the level of skill or the most advanced technologies, amateur racers face a significant risk of serious injuries. The Youth Safety Conference, scheduled as part of the Motor-sports Industry Show last month, sought to draw attention to the dangers amateur racers face.

One conference presenter, Dr. Terry Trammell of Indianapolis, Indiana, told Sports Illustrated that his goal was to inform novice racers of all ages of the importance of personal driver safety equipment. He noted that many new drivers do not understand why the equipment is necessary. Therefore they opt not to use it, despite the fact that it can help to reduce the risk of injuries.

The equipment can be costly. For example, a youth racing helmet can cost $1500 and a fire-suit can cost $1000. However, this is a small price to pay if the equipment can prevent a concussion or severe burns in the event of a collision. The medical bills alone can quickly rival these costs - not to mention the recovery time and the potential for long-term physical damage.

Race-car drivers face the very real possibility of concussions. Accordingly, it is very important that drivers and those around them recognize the symptoms of concussions and act accordingly.

Causes and Indications of Concussion

The greater population should also be aware of the potential and danger for concussions which can be suffered as a result of motor vehicle accidents, sports or other events causing impact to the head.

Researchers now realize that an individual may suffer a concussion without ever becoming unconscious, and that even a minor concussion can have long-lasting consequences.

Symptoms of Concussion:




Ringing in the ears


Concentration or memory problems (can be days later)

If you suspect you may have experienced a concussion contact your physician. Proper treatment can help to minimize the long-term damage.

If you have suffered a concussion or other traumatic brain injury from a car accident or other event resulting from another person's negligence, you should contact an experienced lawyer. An attorney can evaluate any potential claims and advocate on your behalf.

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