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Hadley invites submissions for a start up for a chance to win one of three cash awards for up to $10,000 each.

List of disability related concepts and inventions by people wishing to bring their product to market and/or require finance and investor backing.

The PillBox consist of a central unit, dispensing modules, dedicated app and synchronizing everything via a web platform.

assist-Mi offers comprehensive assistance to disabled users on the go, empowering them to greater independence to an accessible world.

Dip a Stick provides an accurate way to detect signs of diabetes and is inexpensive, painless and easy to use.

Concept Paper on Advocacy for meaningful Involvement of People Living with Disability and aging into Disability.

Downs Designs Kickstarter fundraising campaign is dedicated to providing clothes that fit and look great for children with Down syndrome.

4c Design are campaigning to take Sup Spoon into production and transform mealtimes for people with shaky hands.

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