Stroke: Symptoms Causes & Treatment

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Information from the The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding signs and symptoms of having a stroke.

Vasospasm occurs when a nearby blood vessel goes into spasm and constricts closing down the vessel and possibly leading to permanent brain damage or death.

Family involvement in exercise therapy could significantly improve function and recovery after stroke.

Much of the devastation of stroke and head trauma is due to damage caused the overproduction of a substance in the brain called glutamate.

Breakthrough in stroke research identifying the potential reversibility of chronic neurologic disability in stroke survivors.

Nearly two-thirds of Medicare beneficiaries discharged from hospitals after ischemic stroke die or are readmitted within one year.

Therapy May Reverse Stroke Damage by Jump-starting Growth of Nerve Fibers.

Stroke is the leading cause of adult disability due to the limited capacity for the brain to recover.

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