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InstaHANGER: Extra Closet Storage Space and Easy Access to Clothes

  • Publish Date : 2010/10/10 - (Rev. 2017/11/04)
  • Author : Arrow Hanger
  • Contact : instahanger.com


The line of InstaHANGER products offer space saving clothes storage products of exceptional strength that instantly creates extra clothes storage space.

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The line of InstaHANGER products offer space saving clothes storage products of exceptional strength that instantly creates extra clothes storage space and will collapse flat against the wall to just a thickness when not in use.


InstaHANGER Products are made of either ABS plastic or Polypropylene plastic which contain a steel hanging rod.

The ABS model has a chrome plated rod while the less expensive Polypropylene model has a zinc plated rod. All AH12 models will support up to an amazing 50 lbs. of weight.

Door mounted InstaHANGER
Door mounted InstaHANGER

The white ABS and Polypropylene models are completely weather resistant and are ideally used in areas such as laundry rooms, foyers, change rooms, guest rooms, bed rooms, steam rooms or outside the back door for freshening clothing or near pools and hot tubs. InstaHANGER is especially useful in the laundry room for allowing clothes to hang dry or a convenient place to hang freshly ironed garments.

Not only does the InstaHANGER have the versatility of being a weather resistant clothes dryer indoors or out or used to organize laundry rooms installed close to washers, dryers, or ironing boards, the InstaHANGER can be used as an actual mini "heavy duty" clothes closet in cottages, homes or apartments for people of all ages and all walks of life due to it's superior strength and space saving design.

Closet mounted InstHANGER
Closet mounted InstHANGER

InstaHANGER products are wall mounted and can be installed at any convenient height offering additional independence to those confined to seated devices such as wheel chairs or scooters.

The products have also become popular both domestically and commercially in such establishments as hotels, motels and, "Bed and Breakfast" type establishments.

The Instahanger is an excellent and inexpensive way to bring a clothes rack down to the level of a person using a wheelchair or scooter and wishing to hang up clothing.


The QuikCLOSET can be mounted at any convenient height providing two InstaHANGERS that can be used independently. If more space is required, the telescopic hanging rod can be connected safely and securely to the two InstaHANGERS providing 3' - 5' of instant closet sized clothes hanging space.

The InstaHANGER package includes mounting instructions and hardware for installing in drywall, wood or masonry.

Visit www.instahanger.com for further information.

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