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Disability Plates Make Meal Times Easier

Published 2010-06-20 11:21:23 - (10 years ago). Last updated 2016-09-23 18:14:52 - (3 years ago).

Author: Disabled World - Contact : Disabled World

Outline: Disability plates make meal times a little easier with specialist innovative designs.

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Enjoying a good plate of food is something that we all look forward to at the end of a long day, and for mobility sufferers and the elderly this is still the case.

However, a lack of dexterity or muscle strength in hands and arms can make things difficult when using a knife and fork and a plate.

Disability plates make meal times a little easier with specialist innovative designs that customers can instantly benefit from. Chasing food around your plate and onto your fork can be a thing of the past with a Food Guard that can be fitted to an ordinary plate. Its inward sloping face helps with food collection and prevents spillage off the edge of the plate.

Carrying a full plate of hot or cold food on disability plates is made easier with a Coolhand Plate Grip, helping mobility sufferers to avoid burnt fingers the easy way. The product grips the plate and releases it as simply as using your hand. It uses the power of leverage so that the entire hand takes the weight of the plate, ideal for those with arthritis and limited dexterity.

Another good way of transporting food for users with limited motor co-ordination is the GripWare Round Scoop Dish, a microwave safe plate that boasts a low front and high back for an increased surface area to hold onto.

Food spillages for the elderly and disabled are a fact of life. Therefore a dignified way to dine is by using adult Dinner Bibs, with tasteful designs, a cotton front and waterproof backing that is ideal for trapping spillages.

Ensure that meal times remain enjoyable rather than a chore with disability plates that avoid embarrassment and maximize pleasure for the taste-buds.

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