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Our-Kids Website Supports Parents, Family, and Caregivers

  • Published: 2009-08-05 (Rev. 2010-07-08) - Contact: Disabled World
  • Synopsis: Our Kids a website offering support for family members friends caregivers and others who support children with special needs.

Main Document

The Our-Kids web site supports parents, family members, caregivers and others who are working with children with physical and mental
disabilities and delays.

The site supports the Our-Kids email list, which consists of over seven-hundred people who represent children that experience varying diagnosis that range from indefinite developmental delays and sensory integration issues to cerebral palsy and rare genetic disorders. Our-Kids gives people support on a global level, with members in several nations to include England, Canada, Africa, Australia and others.

Our-Kids was created in 1993 by Ashley on behalf of her son, who experiences Angleman syndrome. At Our-Kids, people have the ability to discuss the accomplishments and defeats their children have in life with the knowledge that the audience involves others who are aware of what people are going through. Family members, caregivers and other who are involved on the website and through email exchanges can get an idea of how other address specific problems and concerns related to learning, feeding, medical resources, education, techniques and equipment, and descriptions of issues related to friends and family, or just plain coping. There are also a few professionals, therapists, and organizations which monitor and contribute to the list through Our-kids.

An example of a post through Our-Kids is one by, 'Randy,' who says, "My name is Randy, and I represent my sons Sean and Shane. Sean is 16 years old and has severe cerebral palsy, spastic-quad, as a result of severe muconium aspiration. Sean is non-verbal and non-ambulatory. He is very aware though, has a great laugh, and horrible grump which he has artfully mastered to effectively manipulate his daddy. Shane, 12 years old, was diagnosed as Autistic in October 1998. Shane is very happy, self entertaining and speaks a lot of words. He is currently showing his teachers at school how to use a computer.."

Some of the children who are represented through the list have more severe issues than others. Some are further ahead in either capability or age. Everyone benefits in the areas of both knowledge and support through the participation of people on the list at Our-Kids, which has many wonderful people involved. For people who are raising an adult or adolescent with special needs, there is also a link to another section of Our-Kids called, Our-Kids Adult.

The Our-Kids list server is located at: Our-Kids is a multi-ethnic, multi-national and non-religious group of people with policies which are based on good, 'netiquette,' practices and promotion of a family atmosphere. The site, email list, and list server aim to maximize and extend the greatest possible participation for the members involved. The list server provides information and support, while the email list makes an effort to make people feel at home and a part of the family.

The Our-Kids website itself has several different features which include:

Picture Page
Home Pages
Memorial Page
Message Archives
Internet Resources
Special Needs Tips
Affiliated Web Sites
Pediatric Orthopedics
Recommended Books
Email Netiquette Guide
World Map of Members
Home Made Equipment
Disability Related Acronyms
Disability Related Email Lists
File Archives - Poems, Information, Resources
Family Village - Information, Support Lists, Organizations


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