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Bonnie Terry Learning - Better Reading Skills

  • Synopsis: Published: 2010-07-18 - Bonnie Terry Learning Five Minutes to Better Reading Skills reading technique is perfect for parents to use with their child. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Bonnie Terry Learning.

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Bonnie Terry Learning Introduces Better Reading Skills in Five Minutes - This summer, jump start your kid's reading skills with Bonnie Terry Learning's Five Minutes to Better Reading Skills. This reading technique is perfect for parents to use with their child.

Bonnie Terry Learning introduces a way to increase a child's reading skill in just 5 minutes a day over the course of the summer. Whether the child is from the first grade or in high school, five minutes each day is all it takes to better reading skills and enhance a child's reading comprehension and reading fluency.

It makes a student or a child into a good and confident reader in just five minutes with forty-five phonics reading drills. This is ideal for young children and with any child with a short attention span. With this short time span, either in an individual session or a group session, this reading technique has become effective for all ages.

Phonics is used because this approach improves reading through auditory learning. This makes them smooth readers and it helps to improve their visual perception skills with much success. Mothers and school teachers are now using this approach in many schools throughout the country and the program has shown great success. It is being used in pull-out programs, small group learning sessions, special classes, in private practice, and by home-schooled children. This reading method has been developed by Bonnie Terry herself, from over 35 years of working as a learning disability specialist and as an educational therapist.

After Nancy Hogan used the books for teaching reading with her daughter states, "My daughter loves to read so much, now I need to tell her to turn off the lights and go to bed."

A mother, Jeanine F., who has had first hand experience in augmenting her child's reading skills came out and shared this. Jeanine F. said "I used your Five Minutes to Better Reading Skills books to improve my sons' reading and overall they enjoyed them. We had success in improving their reading. They are both quite good readers now. They once in awhile like to go back and see how fast they can do the pages, just for fun!"

Jeanine also added, "Thanks for the help you have given us. One of my sons was quite dyslexic in reading, but after using your book, I rarely notice any sign of it. I never told him he had a problem, nor did I 'name' it. I just worked with him...He actually enjoys reading. He's even read Narnia on his own!"

The University of Florida has even conducted a research and stated that 5 or 6 minutes of fluency practice and reading help children better. This yields substantial results, and they also noted that it is the daily practice that makes the difference.

Debra Wilson from Redding, California also said, "We did a five year study using Bonnie Terry's Five Minutes to Better Reading Skills and the reading fluency of kids in our school district improved dramatically."

Bonnie Terry Learning started in 1992, at the impetus of teachers and parents too numerous to count, asking where they could get the materials that Bonnie Terry uses with their students. The response since making the books and games available has been overwhelming. The philosophy behind this is that all students can learn; they just need the tools and the encouragement to find their wings to reach their goals. For more information please visit

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