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Researching Special-Needs Schools

  • Publish Date : 2011/01/26
  • Author : Our Kids Media

Synopsis: Our Kids Go to School has come up with a list of key questions for parents to ask potential schools.

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Allegations and charges of fraud against the former director and other employees of a school for physically-disabled children have left families stunned. Our Kids Media urges parents to diligently research schools.

The fraud charges at Bloorview School Authority that were claimed on Monday have shocked educators, medical practitioners, and the Toronto community but none more so than the parents and physically-disabled children who relied on the school to deliver quality, specialized education.

Our Kids Media, publisher of Canada's leading family resources Our Kids Go to School Magazine and www.ourkids.net, has been successfully connecting families to schools that specialize in various special needs for nearly 13 years. They understand the significance a school can have on the academic success of a child with a disability, and also on the quality of life for the family.

"Families with children with special needs put an unbelievable amount of faith in their schools," says Our Kids Go to School editor Christl Dabu. "The right school can mean the difference between chaos and peace of mind. It's incredibly unfair to think a principal would take advantage of such situations, but it points out that parents still need to take extreme caution when choosing a school."

Our Kids Go to School has come up with a list of key questions for parents to ask potential schools:

What is the school's philosophy for students my child's age

What kind of professional development are teachers offered? Are they professionals in their field or qualified teachers

Is it governed by a board or an owner-operator? Is it non-profit or for-profit

Is there a parent council or certain expectations

What facilities and equipment does the school offer

What curriculum guidelines does the school follow and how are students evaluated

What is the average class size

How much is tuition and what other costs might I incur (e.g. uniform, books, equipment)

What are my payment options? What student financial assistance is available

About Our Kids Media - Our Kids Media provides parents and families across Canada with information about critical life decisions, including education choices, summer programs and senior care. Our Kids Media channels include websites reaching over a million Canadian visitors annually, three annal magazines each with a distribution of 200,000 units or more and a growing number of successful annual consumer expos held across Canada. Since 1998, Our Kids Media has been a trusted source of valuable information for Canadian consumers. Digital media includes www.ourkids.net, camps.ca and www.comfortlife.ca

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