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Synopsis: This text transcript provides helpful job seeking advice for people with disabilities looking for employment. Only 47.3% of adults with basic activity difficulties is employed, almost 20% lower than the employment rate of able-bodied adults. Nearly 40% of unemployed adults with an LHPAD cited their illness or disability as the main reason for leaving their most recent employment.


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In an already competitive jobs market, it can be quite difficult for people with disabilities to secure employment, even with legislation barring employers from discrimination on grounds of disability. This infographic contains useful job-seeking advice for people with disabilities, who have plenty of expertise and knowledge to bring to any vacancies for which they apply.

Transcript of the Infographic : Getting a Job with a Disability

Disability Employment Statistics

Source: Eurostat

Jobs Which May Be Suitable for People with Disabilities

A job which is considered ideal for a person with disabilities will have these characteristics:

Assessing Your Ability to Work

Disclosing Your Disability to Employers

Job Hunting Advice

"Say you're required to go from Building A to Building C three or four times a day and you're sitting in a wheelchair. Explain how you will do it: 'I'll just roll my wheelchair up the ramp and do the job'." Gwen Ford, Director of Business Management and Program Services for Project HIRED.


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