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CrissCross - Reducing Disability Benefit Fraud Risk

  • Published: 2014-08-04 : Author: CrissCross : Contact:
  • Synopsis: CrissCross provides personal hands-on care while ensuring professionalism and accountability SSA needs to protect beneficiaries and the overall representative payee program.

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"Managing the finances of a disabled family member is a difficult task - one that takes a lot of love, trust and dedication."

In 2012, Edgar Ernest Black was convicted of stealing his son's disability benefits and using the funds entirely for personal purchases. As the appointed representative payee for his teenage son, Black received over $26,000 in disability benefits for a period of 12 months between November 2007 and November 2008. While he was tasked with collecting and distributing his son's Social Security payments, the teenager never saw or benefited from the money received.

Cases like this are extreme examples of the type of fraud that disabled beneficiaries face across the country, but the threat of income mismanagement is no doubt a real concern for many Americans receiving Social Security benefits. Managing the finances of a disabled family member is a difficult task - one that takes a lot of love, trust and dedication. Unfortunately, the people most in need of this type of help are also the ones most likely to be taken advantage of by the people they trust.

Today there are more than 8.6 million Americans getting help from a representative payee. And according to a recent report submitted to Congress by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the number of people needing payee services will continue to increase significantly year-after-year. This upward trend has already created massive oversight concerns and an increased difficulty in monitoring payees, which ultimately has left many beneficiaries susceptible to fraud and abuse.

A new, safe solution is available!

CrissCross, a national nonprofit organizational representative payee service provider, recently expanded services to provide the personal and hands-on care beneficiaries need and want, while ensuring the professionalism and accountability the SSA needs to effectively protect beneficiaries and the overall representative payee program.

CrissCross' expanded representative payee program includes:

"At CrissCross, our job is to provide support to caregivers, so they can focus on their most important priority - providing love and emotional support to their loved ones at a time in which they need it the most," said Executive Director Amie Darway. "We pride ourselves on providing personalized care with clear transparency to ensure instant peace of mind for beneficiaries and SSA agents alike."

For more information about CrissCross Representative Payee Services, visit

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