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Fragpedal Dual PC Gaming Foot Pedal Controls

  • Synopsis: Published: 2011-08-19 (Revised/Updated 2017-07-25) - Fragpedal Dual is a 2 button controller allowing gamers to offload commands to their feet so their hands can stay where they are needed most. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Good Work Systems.

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Quote: "Timed Press buttons monitor the duration of a button press, and trigger up to three different actions for short, medium, and long presses."

Fragpedal Dual PC Gaming Pedals Enable Gaming Below the Waist by Good Work Systems.

Good Work Systems releases the Fragpedal Dual, the 2-button little sister to the 4-button Fragpedal Quad.

Gamers can offload commands to their feet so their hands can stay where they're needed most. The Fragpedal supports macros and complex button types like press/release and tap/press/hold buttons that revolutionize traditional button behavior, thanks to GWS' IDI technology.

The Fragpedal Dual introduces yet another innovative tool to the gaming hardware arsenal, in addition to the Fragpedal Dual.

Even before the advent of the Wii, Kinect, and other full body game input systems, PC gamers hankered for a way to get their feet into the game. Based on gamers' demands and associated research, Good Work Systems introduced the original Fragpedal, a dual-foot 4-button gaming pedal (as distinct from driving pedals,) at E3 in 2006. The Fragpedal Dual is the 2-button counterpart to the Fragpedal Quad, which together compose the 4th generation of the Fragpedal line.

Foot-assisted input provides gamers an untapped method to enhance their command capacity, re-think traditional controls, and immerse deeper into the game.

Gamers can use the foot pedals to offload keyboard commands to their feet and keep their fingers where they're needed most. The pedals can send any keyboard or mouse action, combination or macro. They are easily configured to activate Ventrilo and Teamspeak. Moreover, IDI Smart Buttons introduce complex button behaviors like press/release, timed presses, toggles, and shift commands.

The Fragpedal Dual's exceptional electronic specifications and features are controlled by IDI (Input Device Intelligence) v1.02 programming script, powered by an ARM 32-bit processor, and backed with 8Mbits flash memory.

Fragpedal Deluxe
About This Image: Fragpedal Deluxe
With 20 times the processing power of other gaming peripherals, no special drivers are required to provide the following exclusive features:

  • Growing Game Support Library - Share and download your favorite macros and bindings.
  • MacroChat - Macros use voice chat windows to display information to the user instantly.
  • IDI Smart Buttons - Bind complex button behaviors like press/release and timed presses.
  • Keyboard Shadowing - Configure complex macros directly to your keyboard, from the Fragpedal.
  • Easy-to-build Complex Macros - Easily build and assign complex macros and Smart Buttons with the IDI Configuration.
  • Game-specific Profiles - Design your own controls, macros, and art specifically for up to 30 games or programs, and switch automatically between profiles when a game window becomes active.

IDI Smart Buttons allow gamers to map complex button behaviors to their Fragpedal or keyboard buttons.

Timed Press buttons monitor the duration of a button press, and trigger up to three different actions for short, medium, and long presses. With Press/Release buttons, users can configure an action to the "press" even and another to the "release" event. These are just a few of the complex button behaviors that can be easily built with a wizard or manually scripted.

Development has also prioritized physical customizable and durability.

A completely modular design means every part of the pedals is easily replaceable by the user. These pedals will never die. The pedal pads support 5 arrangements each for button positioning and resistance. "The new Fragpedal Dual's ultra-modular and intelligent design is our solution to the real world issues of user preference and product reliability," says Marketing Director Steven Davenport. "Users want customizable control over parameters like button behavior, positioning and tactile resistance."

The Fragpedal Dual has an MSRP of $69.95, but is currently on sale for $54.95 on It is plug-and-play for Windows, as well as Linux and Mac OS X. The Fragpedal can be configured with Windows-based software, to change button assignments and use game support. Firmware is upgradeable via internet. The Fragpedal Dual can be upgraded to the Quad by adding an additional pedal. Owners of the dual can upgrade to the Quad for only $25 within 30 days of purchase.

Good Work Systems is an American computer peripherals company specializing in ergonomic electronic and hardware support for individually-adaptable PC input effectiveness. All Good Work Systems' devices operate under its flagship embedded Input Device Intelligence (IDI) technology. GWS has expertise and experience both in cognitive ergonomic research and product design, and since 2000 has produced mice, pedals and other devices for able and disabled gamers, professional, and casual PC users. GWS is best known for producing the R2 Omnimouse gaming mouse ( and Fragpedal Quad USB Foot Pedals.

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