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New Edition of Fragpedal Quad Gaming Pedal

  • Published: 2011-07-16 (Revised/Updated 2017-07-25) : Author: Good Work Systems
  • Synopsis: The Fragpedal Quad buttons give a durable and realistic pedal feel for able and disabled gamers and improves on its predecessors design.

Quote: "The Fragpedal Quad is built to endure the intense stress that pedals undergo, including spilled drinks, dust intrusion, pets, and other hazards."

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Good Work Systems releases the Fragpedal Quad, the newest edition in the only line of foot pedals designed specifically for all types of PC gaming.

With 4 buttons for two feet, the Fragpedal Quad proves that foot pedals are a unique advantage to PC gamers. Complex button types like press/release and tap/press/hold buttons revolutionize traditional button behavior, thanks to GWS' IDI technology. The Quad's buttons give a durable and realistic pedal feel and improve on its predecessors' design.

PC Gamers have a new tool in the shed with Good Work Systems' Fragpedal Quad, the first and most intelligent USB foot pedal designed for all genres of PC games.

Following in the tradition of the Wii and Kinect, the Fragpedal Quad aims to satisfy gamers' desires to use more of their body to control their games and re-think traditional controls. The Fragpedal Quad is the 3rd incarnation of the Fragpedal line, which premiered at E3 2006, and continues to improve its ability to provide gamers with the advantage of offloading control input to their feet. Thanks to GWS's IDI (Input Device Intelligence), the Fragpedal's ability to create and send macros and IDI Smart buttons separates it from the pack of other high-end macro-enabled controllers.

The Fragpedal Quad has uniquely intelligent, powerful, and flexible programming. It's controlled by Good Work Systems' IDI v1.01 (Input Device Intelligence) input device operating system running on the most powerful MCU (STM32 32bit 72Mghz) currently hosted in a low-power USB input device, and backed up with 8Mbits flash memory. The Fragpedal Quad needs no special drivers to manage a world-beating 30 sets of auto swapping game configurations, host its own programming script (IDIscript v1.02), and feature several proprietary input-enhancing features including:

IDI Smart Buttons revolutionize button behavior by introducing 5 types of Smart Buttons, which can be mapped onto the Fragpedal or standard keyboards and mice. Press/Release buttons allow users to program different actions to the press and release components of a button press. Tap/Press/Hold buttons trigger different actions based on the duration of a button press, and support customizable time thresholds. Toggle buttons initiate a function with one key press, and halt the function with the next press. Count buttons allow a button to behave differently on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd (or more) press, until the cycle is complete. Shift buttons can trigger alternate functions on other buttons, similar to the keyboard's "Shift" key. "The possibilities created by IDI Smart Buttons will change the way gamers think about their controls," declares Good Work Systems CEO Tony Davenport.

The Fragpedal Quad is built to endure the intense stress that pedals undergo, including spilled drinks, dust intrusion, pets, and other hazards. That's why all parts are completely modular and replaceable. Dirt-resistant buttons require only a single screw to replace. The Fragpedal's processor is housed separately from the pedals, for a tougher, de-centralized design. Further, the pedal pads support 5 arrangements each for button positioning and resistance. "The new Fragpedal Quad's ultra-modular and intelligent design is our solution to the real world issues of user preference and product reliability," says Davenport. "Just as one shoe size does not fit all, neither does a single pedal design satisfy all users. Users want customizable control over parameters like button behavior, positioning and tactile resistance, and they also demand a very reliable product."

The Fragpedal Quad is plug-and-play for Windows, as well as Linux and Mac OS X.

Windows-based software can configure the Fragpedal's settings and provides a growing library of macros and configurations specifically designed for specific games and programs. Its firmware can be upgraded via internet, so the Fragpedal Quad gets better over time. With replaceable parts, it even boasts a green advantage.

Good Work Systems is an American PC hardware company specializing in hybrid hardware and software solutions for improving PC users' effectiveness with their work, gaming, and other applications. GWS has expertise and experience both in cognitive and ergonomic research and product design, and since 2000 has produced mice, pedals and other devices for able and disabled gamers, professional, and casual PC users. For more information, please visit


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