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Seniors Enjoy Playing Online Bingo

Published: 2010-02-01 - Updated: 2019-03-11
Author: Ellen Shepard

Synopsis: Information for anyone wishing to learn about playing online Bingo games for companionship, fun and enjoyment.

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One of the favorite social pastimes for the elderly - and not so elderly - is the game of Bingo. Bingo in various forms has been played for nearly 500 years! With the advent of the internet and in particular online games played on your home computer, bingo rates as one of the most popular online pastimes.


Bingo is a game in which players mark off numbers on cards as the numbers are drawn randomly by a caller, the winner being the first person to mark off five numbers in a row or another required pattern.

I am a regular player of online bingo. I play bingo online pretty much every day. I have been to too many online bingo sites to list. So, since I am such a bingo veteran I thought I would give you some insight into the world of online bingo.

Bingo is a game that is elegant in its simplicity and it's even easier to play bingo online. The objective of any style of bingo is to complete the game pattern on your bingo card before any other player. If you do, you have a "bingo" and win the prize.

According to gaming magazine, online bingo has grown from approximately ten online bingo sites in the year 2000 to over one hundred online bingo sites in 2006. There are a limited number of bingo software packages online but they range from Java and Flash bingo games. Most of the bingo websites include other online games such as Video Poker, Slots and Pull Tabs or scratch tickets.

Illustration shows two Bingo tickets with several numbers daubed in red.
Illustration shows two Bingo tickets with several numbers daubed in red.

Bingo playing websites have sprung up all over the internet and most online bingo websites have at least one chat room so that players may converse whilst waiting for their numbers to fall into place. The bingo chat games are an essential part of a good online bingo site.

Most bingo sites also offer other games that can be played alone or while watching your bingo numbers come in. These games often include scratch cards - or scratchies, pull tabs and slot machines. If you are elderly or disabled and a fan of playing slots then you may find our article on "visiting Las Vegas to Play Slots" useful. Not only does it describe the accessibility of Las vegas casinos but also offers hints and tips on slot playing.

When playing online bingo the graphics of the bingo game are very important for those with eyesight that isn't what it used to be. You need to have a clear view of your bingo cards and also be able to see the bingo balls as they are being called.

The online bingo player can sit down to play one game or one hundred games of bingo. If you need to start preparing the evening meal then no problem, the bingo cards will automatically daub for you and bingo will be automatically called. Most online bingo sites use auto-daubing and auto-bingo. The auto-bingo feature is used to call bingo for the bingo player when they have completed the pattern in play before any other bingo players.

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I have visited lots of Bingo sites, mostly free online bingo games I have only deposited at two sites that I trusted enough to deposit with. I work hard but don't earn enough to justify spending large amounts on online bingo but I still enjoy the game just the same.

For those nervous, but curious about playing online bingo I would suggest you try playing a few free online Bingo cards and chatting with the other players to get a "feel" of playing the game online. The graphics and sound effects playing online bingo are nothing short of amazing. After a few minutes, you are lost in the world of bingo. Just like at a real bingo hall!

Remember - Bingo players don't lose because they never win, they lose because they don't quit when they're ahead.

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