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Coral Calcium Benefits

  • Published: 2009-02-27 : Author: Darrell Miller
  • Synopsis: Coral calcium is a dietary supplement derived from remnants of living coral that have fallen from coral reefs.

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Coral calcium is a dietary supplement said to be derived from "remnants of living coral that have fallen from coral reefs, as a result of wave action or other natural processes. According to the coral calcium infomercial, taking coral calcium can cure up to 200 human diseases including heart disease, cancer, diabetes etc.

Coral calcium is a dietary supplement said to be derived from "remnants of living coral that have fallen from coral reefs, as a result of wave action or other natural processes.

According to the coral calcium infomercial, taking coral calcium can cure up to 200 human diseases including heart disease, cancer, diabetes etc.

When you start taking coral calcium, your body alkalizes and drives out the body's acidic state. Coral calcium is composed of mostly calcium carbonate, just like those you found in Tums or other calcium carbonate supplements from your health food stores.

Coral is composed of tiny, fragile living organisms called coral polyps.

Coral reefs are among the worlds most fragile and endangered ecosystems, strict laws are enforced to preserve them.

Since coral reefs are protected by law, "coral calcium" is made by grinding up dead coral called limestone that no longer contains live organisms. Coral grains are mined from fossilized coral beds on the coastline, and pumped from coral beds in shallow waters. Coral calcium supplements come from fossilized coral beds. Since it is severely illegal to mine "live" coral reefs, coral calcium has to come from a different source which is dead coral loaded with calcium and trace minerals.

For people who need to consume extra calcium, coral calcium may be the best choice.

The body absorbs coral calcium better than other calcium supplements in the market mostly due to the trace minerals also found in coral. The calcium content of coral calcium ranges from 24% to 38% and is composed primarily of calcium carbonate. Ninety-eight percent of people over age 60 are totally calcium-deficient meaning, they are not consuming enough calcium to sustain current bone density.

Most of the body's calcium is stored in the bones, which can release whatever amounts are needed to maintain adequate blood levels, this causes bone loss. Historically, calcium supplements haven't always been safe: years ago calcium carbonate from bone meal or oyster shells, for instance, was used in some supplements - but was later found to contain high levels of lead and other heavy metals. Now with new technology and strict government laws calcium is very safe.

Like many other supplements, coral calcium is beneficial to your body in many ways. And unlike other calcium supplements, coral calcium does have special properties that make it worth strongly considering as a supplement to your daily diet, mainly trace minerals. Almost every cell in the body, including those in the heart, nerves, and muscles; relies on calcium to function properly.

Calcium deficiency can weaken bones (osteoporosis), but it does not make the body more acidic or cause a wide range of diseases. The body needs about two times as much calcium compared to any other mineral. The body of an unhealthy person is acidic, or has low pH this acidic state cause's disease. Over 35% of the body's mineral makeup consists of calcium, which literally performs hundreds of operations essential to our everyday lives. Are you getting enough

Consumers should be aware of the claims that coral calcium can treat or cure cancer, multiple sclerosis, lupus, heart disease, or high blood pressure are not supported by existing scientific evidence. Most of the health claims being made about coral calcium from Okinawa are based on the fact that the Okinawan's are among the world's longest lived people and supposedly drink water containing coral calcium.

In conclusion, there is no medical evidence to support these claims, and coral calcium has been identified by the United States Food and Drug Administration as a Fake Cancer Cure Consumers Should Avoid.

Most of the claims are based on how calcium can bring the body into a more alkaline state and this alkaline state strengthens the body and helps it fight disease over time. Knowing this, have you had your coral calcium today

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