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What to Expect After Breast Augmentation Surgery

  • Published: 2010-10-31 : Author: Bryan W. Gawley, M.D. Aesthetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery
  • Synopsis: Breast augmentation is a plastic surgery that requires a recovery period and appropriate care to promote healing.

These days, breast augmentation is so commonplace that it's almost a routine procedure for women. However, breast augmentation is still a plastic surgery that requires a recovery period and appropriate care to promote healing.

The recovery period after breast augmentation surgery can be shorter or longer depending on the incision site and placement of the breast. No matter what type of breast augmentation you have, there are some general guidelines you should follow when recovering from breast augmentation:


For the three to five days following the breast augmentation surgery, you should try to rest as much as possible so that the body can recuperate from the surgery. During this time, have a loved one, friend, or spouse help you complete everyday tasks like getting dressed or preparing food.

Avoid Baths

During the first few days after your breast augmentation, your breasts will be wrapped in a surgical bandage so that swelling will be as minimal as possible. These bandages should stay on your breasts until removed by your plastic surgeon. During the first few days, you need to avoid baths and any washing should be done carefully so as not to disturb the surgery site.

Return to Exercising and Everyday Activities

After resting for the days after the surgery, you will want to begin a light exercise regimen like regularly walking. Light exercise will stimulate blood circulation and help swelling subside. Exercises and light massaging tips will be provided by your plastic surgeon so that you achieve the best breast augmentation results you can.

Swelling and Scarring

When an incision is made in the skin, it is virtually impossible to avoid a scar. Fortunately, your breast surgeon will make every effort to place your breast augmentation incision in a place so that it is concealed by the natural curves of your body.

For many breast augmentation patients, swelling can continue for weeks after the procedure has been completed. Even after the stitches have been taken out, it is not uncommon for residual swelling to occur. While this may make your breasts feel unnatural or hard, over time, the swelling will subside and you will be able to enjoy your new breasts.

Breast augmentation is not just designed to increase the size of breasts. Breast augmentation can also reshape breasts or make breasts look more symmetrical. For many women, breast augmentation allows them to wear the clothes they want and it can provide a boost in self-esteem and self-confidence.

If you would like to learn more about breast augmentation and you live in the Scottsdale or Phoenix, Arizona area, please visit the website of Bryan W. Gawley, M.D. Aesthetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery today at

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