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Cross-Canada Food Drive

  • Published: 2010-04-28 : Author: Schenker of Canada
  • Synopsis: 2010 Nationwide Food Drive against hunger in Canada from June 1st - 11th - 2010.

DB Schenker Launches Third Annual Cross-Canada Food Drive - Supply Chain and Logistics Services Provider to Work with Customers and Suppliers to Help Fill Food Bank Collection Bins Across Canada.

Building on the success of its 2009 Food Drive that saw the collection of over 60,000 lbs., Schenker of Canada Limited is embarking on its third annual food drive. The company is launching its "2010 Nationwide Food Drive" on June 1st, which marks "Hunger Awareness Day", and will run the campaign through to June 11th.

Schenker of Canada Limited, one of the leading logistics service providers to the food industry, will be placing food collection bins in each of its 40 offices across Canada. The company is urging its customers and suppliers to do the same. At the end of the Food Drive, representatives of Schenker of Canada will collect the food bins for distribution to local food banks.

"Hunger remains a serious issue in this country, with close to 800,000 individuals turning to food banks for assistance each month," says Katharine Schmidt, Executive Director, Food Banks Canada. "We are grateful for the support of companies such as Schenker who are raising awareness about this issue as well as raising food donations to support their local communities."

"Many Canadians face difficult choices every day, having to choose between paying for rent or a mortgage, paying for transportation and purchasing food to eat," adds Gail Nyberg, executive director of Daily Bread Food Bank. "The reality of those who are hungry is one of making choices; choices that no one should have to make."

According to Food Banks Canada's HungerCount 2009, 18.9% of food bank clients' primary source of income is employment or recent employment; while 13% are on disability income; 51.5% are on social assistance; and 6.3% are pensioners. Sadly, 37% of food bank recipients are children.

"We're urging our employees, customers and business partners to help us work to reduce hunger in Canada," says Brian Martin, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Schenker of Canada Limited. "Get involved. Together, we will make a difference."

Please call Schenker of Canada at 1-800-461-3686 to help with this Nationwide Food Drive.

About Schenker of Canada

Schenker of Canada Limited is the 2nd largest Integrated Logistics Service Provider in Canada, with sales of approximately $1Billion and operating from over 40 sites across the country. The company spans a coast-to-coast network that extends to all major harbors, airports and border crossings. In just over half a century, the business has grown to include 1,700 employees. Schenker of Canada Limited has a portfolio of supply chain services in Canada that include: Contract Warehousing/Distribution, Dedicated Freight Management, Ocean and Air Freight, Courier, Land Transportation, Customs Brokerage and Consulting, and services for Sports Events. For more information, please visit

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