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Senator Isakson Addressed Seniors at Park Springs, Stone Mountain

  • Published: 2009-04-16 : Author: Isakson Living
  • Synopsis: U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson spoke to seniors last week at Park Springs in Stone Mountain.

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U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson, R-Ga. spoke to a group of more than 200 seniors last week at Park Springs, an award-winning residential community offering a continuum of care for those over the age of 62, in Stone Mountain.

Senator Isakson Addressed Seniors' Issues at Town Hall Meeting

Isakson spoke to 200+ seniors at Park Springs in Stone Mountain.

U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson, R-Ga. spoke to a group of more than 200 seniors last week at Park Springs, an award-winning residential community offering a continuum of care for those over the age of 62, in Stone Mountain.

The Senator presented a national perspective on a variety of topics from taxes to foreign relations to dependence on foreign oil. Isakson shared his thoughts on the economy, medicare, social security and the estate tax and then opened the discussion for more than one hour of questions from the attendees. Isakson candidly answered the group's questions about environmental and oil issues including offshore drilling and nuclear energy, illegal immigration and forged documentation, education, term limits in Congress and the Senator's opinion about the future of the national government as a republic.

Speaking on the economy, Isakson stated that "a lot of mistakes had been made, but I'm not playing the blame game. We need greater regulation and more transparency, specifically regarding hedge funds. We know what caused the problem and know what to do next. We need to re-establish the markets and build them back up. We're the United States. I have great confidence in the enterprise of our people and the strength of our prosperity." And regarding the future of the nation as a republic, Isakson predicts a "renaissance of the America that we all love and respect," noting that Americans are becoming more engaged in both civic and social issues.

At the national level, Isakson shared his support for a healthcare program that would allow those without company provided health insurance to purchase health insurance pre-tax. He reassured the residents at Park Springs that their social security benefits would be fine, but stressed his belief that today's social security funds must be invested and not borrowed upon in order to ensure a social security program for future seniors. Isakson predicted positive changes concerning the estate tax. He also spoke about his focus on foreign policy, speaking specifically about a nuclear armed Iran and North Korea and relations with Africa.

As to local issues, Isakson spoke on the future of small banks in Georgia and shared his thoughts on the F22 Raptor fighter jet program and unemployment in the state.

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