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Cyprium Copper Infused Luxury Towels that Destroy Bacteria

  • Publish Date : 2017/07/10 - (Rev. 2017/10/19)
  • Author : Cyprium Textiles
  • Contact : cypriumtextiles.com


Cyprium germ and odor free copper infused luxury towels destroy bacteria and fungus using patented technology.

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Cyprium, the germ and odor free towels, have launched on Kickstarter. The world's first copper-infused luxury towels destroy bacteria and fungus using patented technology.

Cyprium towels offer an alternative to average household towels which can carry up to 10 million bacteria and fungus cells.

Cyprium Textiles copper towels
Cyprium Textiles copper towels

"Regular towels become an oasis for bacteria and micro fungi growth through a combination of moisture, warmth, and porous cotton provide the optimal breeding ground for pathogens," said creator, Sender Russell. "Our towels are made with copper, which naturally destroys bacteria."

When people shower they re-introduce bacteria and germs to their bodies as soon as they dry off. Copper Oxide combined within the fibers of Cyprium towels become attracted to these harmful germs and destroy them, therefore protecting the towel from future pathogenic growth.

"We are about using nature and technology to protect the health of families and children," says Russell. "Becoming the parents of two children and having a family member recently become seriously ill from an HOA (hospital acquired infection) opened our eyes. Our Cyprium towels destroy all pathogens leaving you with a clean, odor-free towel."

If physical dirt appears on the towel then it will need to be laundered, otherwise, there's no need to wash the towel for it to be germ or odor-free.

Cyprium towels are safe for adults, children and pets.

The combination of moisture, warmth and fluffy cotton provide the optimal breeding ground for pathogens.
The combination of moisture, warmth and fluffy cotton provide the optimal breeding ground for pathogens.


  • Infused with Copper mineral (An antimicrobial, EPA certified metal)
  • 100% Germ-Free
  • Odor-Free
  • Soft and plush feel
  • Ethically made from the finest bamboo and combed cotton
  • OEKO-TEX┬« certified for the best quality
  • 650 GSM (grams per square inch)
  • Two color options: Gray or Beige

For more information and to pre-order Cyprium towels, visit them on Kickstarter. Early-bird discounts starting at less than $40 are available while supplies last.

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Sender and Rivka Russell started Cyprium Textiles to rid the world of an unnecessary risk - the risk of infection and illness that can be spread in fabrics. They believe that rapidly developing technology can be used in segments of ordinary daily life to serve many needed purposes. The firm is located in New Brunswick, NJ.

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