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How to Neutralize Chlorine Smell from Pools and Clothing

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Published: 2014-04-01 : (Rev. 2019-01-22)


Information on getting rid of chlorine smell from your body as well as strong chlorine smells from swimming pools.

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Summer is coming.... Eventually... Here are some quick tips for neutralizing the smell of chlorine around swimming pools and from bathing suits etc.

Chlorine is a poisonous, greenish-yellow gas described as having a choking odor. It is a very corrosive, hazardous chemical. Usually combined with other chemicals, it is used to disinfect water, purify metals, bleach wood pulp and make other chemicals.

It is a common misconception that when you smell chlorine either at home in your backyard at your pool or while visiting a pool park or water-slide. That it means there is too much chlorine. In fact it is quite the opposite! The odor commonly associated with swimming pools is actually caused by chloramines. When you add chlorine to your pool water tiny chlorine particles attach themselves to debris or bacteria particles and create chloramines. Chloramines are dead bacteria or particles that have been eliminated by the chlorine. You get rid of these chloramines by oxidizing or shocking your pool. This is when chlorine is no longer in the pool water but in the air allowing you to smell it. What you are smelling is the chlorine escaping out of the pool and doing its job. Since you smell the chlorine in the air, it means that it may no longer be working in the pool water, as when chlorine is in water you cannot smell it. To eliminate the smell you should add more chlorine to the swimming pool!

Eliminate Chlorine Smells From:

NOTE: Do Not Mix household bleach with acid-containing or ammonia-containing cleaners. Dangerous levels of a very harmful gas can be released.

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