BlackBerry Cell Phones Changed The Modern World

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Author: ghostevyta
Published: 2009/07/20 - Updated: 2011/01/11
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Synopsis: Today the BlackBerry cell phone has become almost a generic term for any handheld mobile device that has a host of functions.


Looking back at the past few decades, we see that there are many devices that have helped shape the world as it is today. This list is quite long, but one of the most prominent figures on this list is the BlackBerry.

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How The BlackBerry Devices Have Changed The Face Of The Modern World

Today the BlackBerry has become almost a generic term for any handheld mobile device that has a host of functions, but when it was first released in 2002, it was definitely a unique invention. There was only one point on the agenda of the developers of the BlackBerry, the Canadian company Research in Motion (RIM) to make a single device that would fulfill all mobile needs of the user. And toward that end, the BlackBerry has succeeded, and how!

First and foremost, to say that the BlackBerry is just a phone will be a gross understatement. Having said that, it is necessary to add that the BlackBerry is the first device to make communication really mobile. The technology of the BlackBerry is such that it allows to people to communicate with each other wherever in the world they are. Cell phones can do that too, but the BlackBerry is definitely much more powerful at global communication. The service providers for cell phones also provide for the BlackBerry. Additionally, the BlackBerry can use all the three major technologies that are used for cell phone communication GPRS, CDMA and GSM.

But, the BlackBerry has a host of features. It is right to say that this device is meant to transfer data over the cell phone lines rather than just verbal communication. You can dispatch documents, images, videos, audio and much more through the BlackBerry, to whichever part of the world you want. You can send and receive emails. You can chat with people from anywhere. If you look at it, the BlackBerry is a small personal computer that you carry in your hands. However, this computer's network technology works on the technology that drives the cell phones. Therein lies the major difference.

You will also find that the BlackBerry has given rise to several cultures of its own. There is a whole world out there sharing and playing games specially meant for the BlackBerry. These games are developed specially and there are whole websites that deal only with BlackBerry games. In the same manner, there are legions of BlackBerry fans who are downloading screensavers, wallpapers, ringtones, caller tunes and what have you, specially meant for their handheld devices. This kind of frenzy has not been observed for any other communication device. The BlackBerry has definitely set some trends here.

Security issues for communication devices also became stricter with the invention of the BlackBerry. Since this phone has become a corporate phone as much as it is used by common people, it becomes very important to ensure security of mobile networks. New rules have been defined and new parameters have been set.

All these worldwide changes have been brought to effect by a single device the BlackBerry. It is quite easily seen that this little black device has changed the history of the world in more ways than one.

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