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SAT Scores and Children with Learning Disabilities

  • Synopsis: Published: 2012-05-09 - New online SAT preparation course can help children with learning disabilities obtain good SAT scores. For further information pertaining to this article contact: College Prep LLC.
SAT Scores
SAT Scores - The SAT is a standardized test for college admissions in the United States. The College Board states that the SAT measures literacy and writing skills that are needed for academic success in college. They state that the SAT assesses how well the test takers analyze and solve problems - skills they learned in school that they will need in college. The SAT is typically taken by high school sophomores, juniors and seniors. SAT scores are based on a student's percentile relative to other students taking the same test. The first step in calculating a student's score on the SAT is to determine the raw score for each of the three sections. A correct answer on a multiple-choice question adds 1 point to the raw score, while an incorrect answer choice subtracts .25 points from the raw score. A correct answer on a Grid-In math question also adds 1 point to the raw score, but students are not penalized for incorrect answers on these questions. Questions left unanswered do not affect raw scores.

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SAT Prep Expert Megan Dorsey Says Kids with Learning Disabilities Can Get Good SAT Scores - New Online SAT Prep Course Is Perfect Tool to Teach Children with ADD, ADHD and Other Learning Disabilities.

Children who have learning disabilities can get good SAT scores thanks to a new online SAT preparation course, "SAT Success Coach," designed by SAT Prep Consultant Megan Dorsey, who served as a college counselor at Westside High School, where she developed the SAT and college planning curriculum for the Houston Independent School District (HISD).

"Kids who have learning disabilities can score high on the SAT, get scholarships and attend the college of their choice when they study hard with the right online SAT prep class designed for their special needs," said Dorsey, a college admissions expert.

"A lot of students I teach say they feel stupid. They are called out for being different because they need more time. They can be overwhelmed in a typical 2-3 hour class," said Dorsey, an experienced teacher who has worked with students of all ability levels and backgrounds. "With an online learning system, kids with learning disabilities can take their time. They can watch the lesson over and over until they get it."

Improved test scores can translate into dollars, says Dorsey, a former SAT essay reader for the College Board.

"If students can improve their SAT scores by a few points, that could make the difference between getting more money to pay for college," said Dorsey, a savvy SAT prep instructor who has helped thousands of students prepare for the SAT and ACT.

This program was created for busy high school students of all abilities who want to improve their SAT results and increase their college admissions options. It is also the perfect tool for high-achieving students who can't find time to study for the SATs during normal tutoring times because of the extracurricular activities, sports or jobs.

"Kids today don't have a lot of free time, so a self-paced SAT prep course fits into their busy lifestyles. They can access the SAT training materials at 11 p.m. when they are done with their activities and their school work," she said.

"Students with ADD or ADHD will benefit by watching it over and over. They can watch with mom if she needs to take notes. They can pause the lesson if they are confused or need to refocus and come back to it," she said.

Parents of children with learning disabilities, dyslexia and autism ask:

  • Does online SAT preparation tutoring work
  • What is the benefit of an online SAT preparation course
  • What can I expect from an online SAT preparation class
  • When should my child take the PSAT preparation class
  • What is a good SAT score

Success Coach is an online SAT preparation program where you can get expert instruction, proven results, and the flexibility to work at your own pace.

Success Coach is a traditional classroom program accessible online. Instead of sitting in class for a few hours a week, students can drop in for 15 minutes to view one lesson and come back later for the next lecture.

Each lesson contains:

  • A video of Megan teaching the lesson
  • Handouts, notes, and practice problems
  • Q&A area to ask questions

SAT Success Coach students have access to:

  • Basic Lessons - These 10-30 minute videos present strategies, reading, math, writing, and stress management lectures. Part instruction, part motivation, these videos present content and illustrate the concepts with sample problems you can work along with Megan.
  • Interactive Forum - Ask questions anytime in our private Facebook group.
  • Q&A Phone Calls - Megan hosts a monthly call. If you can't attend, submit your question in advance and you can listen to the recording later.
  • Strategy Sessions - Go beyond the basics and learn how to apply concepts to actual test sections. Strategy sessions use homework sections to teach you short-cuts, additional strategies, and insider tips to take your performance to the next level.
  • Personal Feedback - Let Megan read, evaluate, and score your SAT essays. Schedule a personal coaching session with Megan via phone or Skype no matter where you live.

About College Prep LLC - College Prep LLC was founded in 2006 by Megan Dorsey to help students and parents with standardized tests and the college admissions process. Megan's a nationally recognized expert in test preparation and college admissions. Megan's advice has been featured in U.S. News and World Report, Fox Business, The Los Angeles Times, The Huffington Post, Yahoo News, and Megan is a Texas Education Agency-certified high school teacher and counselor. She earned her B.A. at Rice University, her M.Ed. at the University of Houston, and her Certificate in College Counseling at UCLA.

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