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EVO221 Assistive Ergonomic and Water Efficient Toilet System

  • Synopsis: Published: 2016-09-23 (Revised/Updated 2017-01-30) - The EVO221 is a new type of toilet design that is accessible, adjustable and features a revolutionary design and functions. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Maelstrom ltd. at

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Quote: "EVO221 will also be a sustainable and hygienic toilet at that, it will feature a self-cleaning seat that retracts at a push of a button, and a self-cleaning bowl."

This invention is an intersection between 21st century functions and visual appeal, and the need to modernize old inventions so they suit not just one social class, but many.

EVO221 is just that product that will serve and benefit many, from immobile individuals to healthcare workers, and many more. This new reinvented facility has functions for individuals with mobility issues, and was the main discussion when the team was at the drawing board.

The main function that allows for easier access for disabled people is the glide mechanism.

The mechanism guides the bowl to as high as 21 inches, and lowers to a mere 8 inches of the floor. This allows for individuals to adjust the seat to their comfort level. Second function of the same mechanism, is the raise and tilt of the bowl. This feature is turned on by one of the buttons on the handle that eject when the bowl is at 21 inches, or its maximum height. Once the button is activated on the handle, the seat raises another inch, and in the process, tilts forward, allowing for easier time to get off the seat for those with knee problems, but also alleviating a lot of the work on healthcare workers.

EVO221 will also be a sustainable and hygienic toilet at that, it will feature a self-cleaning seat that retracts at a push of a button, and a self-cleaning bowl. Within the bowl a bidet feature can also be enabled by a push of a button. Finally, the flush will be a vacuum flush, so the amount of water a household will save will be in thousands of liters per year, as the flush vacuum mechanism will only require 500 milliliters of water, that's about six times less than the current toilets use.

EVO221 Toilet Design
About This Image: EVO221 Toilet Design

The leading inventor of EVO221 is not an engineer, but he was inspired to make these kinds of facilities because of his mother's illness. His mother suffered from MS, which left her immobile. He is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to make this invention a reality. It is his hopes that if the project gets funded, his company will be able to help those individuals with disabilities, not only through the invention, but subsidy programs, making this kind of facility accessible to those that need it most.

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