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Social Security and Medicare Going Broke

Published: 2011-05-14
Author: Disabled World

Synopsis: Medicare is projected to run out of money by 2024 and Social Security is expected to be broke by 2036.

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Social Security and Medicare program trustee's have stated the programs are in serious financial trouble.


Medicare is projected to run out of money by 2024, a mere thirteen years from now. Social Security is expected to be broke by 2036, or twenty-five years from now.

Bear in mind the fact that the trustee's projected date for the depletion of the Medicare funding is five years earlier than last year's projection. The date given by the trustee's for the exhaustion of Social Security money is a year earlier than the last one. These same Social Security and Medicare trustee's were quick to note that while these programs will run out of money, it does not mean they will stop paying all benefits. Instead; Social Security might continue to pay three-fourths of the benefits people have paid into for decades past the year 2036. Medicare may pay out ninety-percent of benefits past the year 2024; maybe.

If you will, please examine the following image.

It is a map representing the nation of the world who have and have not ratified The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The nations in the color that is reddish/orange have ratified both The Convention and its Protocols. The nations in the color dark blue have ratified The Convention, while the nations in a tan color have signed The Convention, but have yet to ratify it.

Map of nations that have/have not ratified the CORPDThe United States of America has yet to ratify The Convention and its Protocols, leaving it behind nations such as Australia, Canada, China, the majority of South America, Mexico, and nearly all of Europe. America; it seems, prefers things such as wars and corporate tax breaks over the rights and well-being of People with Disabilities. America apparently prefers to play world soldier and preach human rights to China, a nation that has ratified The Convention while America has not.

The leadership in America has demonstrated their values rather clearly, in my opinion.

The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is a statement of dedication to the rights of People with Disabilities. It states very clearly that we have the rights to live in in our own homes, receive care in our homes, live equally in our own communities and more. While The United States preaches human rights to other nations, it should be looking at another map - one illustrating the nations that have Universal Health Care and those that do not. Understand that America does not have Universal Health Care.

The rest of the world is ready to accept us as the People with Disabilities we are. America is not, from all appearances. Yesterday the U.N. Announced the 100th nation to ratify The Convention, yet America still has not. Major nations to include Russia, China, and Australia have Universal Health Care - America does not. Instead, we have Paul Ryan and the Republican Party attempting to destroy the health care of People with Disabilities, Seniors, and Veterans. We have a nation that signed The Convention with smiles and glee, then promptly threw it in the closet and ignored it.

America is moving backwards in time towards a rather medieval period where treatment of People with Disabilities, Seniors, and Veterans with Disabilities is concerned.

I am left to wonder how long it will be before the leadership in this nation begins referring to us as, 'peasants,' or, 'knaves.' Perhaps the Congress will dedicate a new, 'National Insane Asylum,' where, 'idiots,' can live in cages filled with straw.

Map of nations with Universal Health CareThose of us who do not become Court Jesters can roll around in the mud in the gutters and beg, apparently. Home-made wooden prosthetics could make a fashion comeback. People with Disabilities can refer to members of Congress as, 'Your Majesty,' or, 'M'Lord.' The lucky one's will be those of us who escape to enlightened nations, leaving the top non-disabled one-percent to play world soldier with other American's lives while giving a pass to major corporations.
The issue is not whether America has the ability to ratify The Convention. The issue is not whether America has the ability to implement Universal Health Care. The issue is not even the financial standings of Social Security and Medicare - there are thousands upon thousands of corporations that do business in this nation that evade federal taxes year after year. America is now involved in three wars or, 'military conflicts.'

The issue is the leadership in America, which has consistently failed to even acknowledge People with Disabilities as the largest minority population in this nation.

The issue is the leadership of America that consistently refers to us collectively as, 'Seniors,' when People with Disabilities are a unique minority population, while Seniors are another. The issue is the leadership in America which places war, 'military conflicts,' corporations, and seemingly everything else above the rights of millions upon millions of People with Disabilities, Seniors, and Veterans with Disabilities.

Until The United States ratifies The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, it has no right to preach human rights to China, or any other nation. Until America implements Universal Health Care, it cannot afford wars or, 'military conflicts.' Until American's with Disabilities, Seniors, and Veterans with Disabilities find ourselves with equal rights and opportunities with our fellow citizens in this nation - the leadership in America is completely inadequate.

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