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What Really Killed Michael Jackson? A Message from the Grave

Published: 2009-06-29 - Updated: 2016-03-18
Author: Dr. Eric Carter
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Synopsis: What really killed Michael Jackson The toxicology report is not yet in because Michael Jacksons autopsy is only now being scheduled.

What really killed Michael Jackson? The toxicology report is not yet in because Michael's autopsy is only now being scheduled, but that matters not. What matters is the knowledge that a human heart is designed to operate much longer than 50 years unless impeded in some way. We know Michael would have had the best of the best in modern medical care and heart disease would have been known and attended.

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What really killed Michael Jackson? The toxicology report is not yet in because Michael's autopsy is only now being scheduled, but that matters not. What matters is the knowledge that a human heart is designed to operate much longer than 50 years unless impeded in some way. We know Michael would have had the best of the best in modern medical care and heart disease would have been known and attended.


June 25, 2009 will go down in history as the day an American Icon took his last breath.

As I watch the media regurgitating over and over the news of the untimely, unfortunate and very unnecessary demise of Michael Jackson, with an occasional flash to the suffering and death of Farah Fawcett, it takes me back many years to a specialized forensic school where daily we were given the challenge of "profiling" someone in the news. I can't help but profile Michael and the personality that resulted in his death. At the same time I am quite saddened; not only in sympathy with the millions of mourners, but by the depth of the real truth and the knowledge that on a much less famed scale millions will bury family and friends for the very same reason. I feel a responsibility to share truth, to give the uninformed a "heads up", a "profile" of what killed Michael Jackson. Farah's death is a whole different story for a whole different but no less important article, but Michaels passing can serve to save the lives of the millions that are on their way to join him in death because his personality is the personality of many millions. Michael won't be giving live concerts but in death he can remain an icon nevertheless.....

What really killed Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson waving
Michael Jackson waving

The toxicology report is not yet in because Michael's autopsy is only now being scheduled, but that matters not. What matters is the knowledge that a human heart is designed to operate much longer than 50 years unless impeded in some way. We know Michael would have had the best of the best in modern medical care and heart disease would have been known and attended. I suspect a long term habit of over medication, and profiling his reclusive personality substantiates that possibility in my mind. If this is determined to be the case, which I suspect it will be, some "in the know" would say certain suicide, and although correct, many would fail to understand. Some would say Michael's blood is on the hands of the many paid and personal enablers, and they would also be right. Others would say it was modern medicine and pharmaceuticals, and yet others would declare the fault lies with society. All would be correct. In hopes of keeping the message in Michaels death from fading, providing an opportunity that I think he would take if he could, to save millions of lives, those of your friends, family and perhaps even yours, let me explain.

It all began many years ago, in fact about the beginning of time. Man has eternally searched for ways to escape from his own mind, ways to depress anxiety and ways to stimulate from the depths of depression. Ways to achieve balance between the extremism of the two. Throughout history man has searched and experimented with alcohol and virtually every form of substance in a quest for that miracle panacea to help him avoid dealing with the stress of life; a way to "feel good". We have witnessed an era when multiple thousands decided to "escape reality" by sucking down marijuana as a full time occupation. We are now in an era when many turn to illicit drugs to make it through the day. On the other side of this eternal search we have witnessed the development of multiple mental health counseling models from Freud to fraud, which may be one and the same, and throughout these many years and developments, we have failed to find that panacea.

The 20th century revolution in medicine ushered in a new hope and what many believed would be the "fix". When Valium came along it seemed the answer to our eternal quest, but the mind has a unique way of reaching out with new symptoms at any attempt to avoid self responsibility. From Valium we have gone on to develop innumerable chemicals to sedate the mind, to block the reality of our daily demons, to escape from ourselves, our daily stressors or our unhappy lives. I would like to say that believers in the Word are immune to this eternal search and intense need for a way to blunt reality, but unfortunately they suffer even greater stress for various reasons that are beyond the scope of this article to discuss. Suffice it to say that the Church is failing in its responsibility to teach the entire Word, and the congregation fails to follow the very instructions intended to keep them mentally healthy. Believers and non-believers alike suffer the stress of being human.

I imagine we will find that Michael Jackson's untimely demise was ultimately fed by this eternal quest for a way to deal with is chronic stress, from failure to take control of his own mind and allow logic to reign over emotion. You see it is illogical (an emotional act) to abuse medication when the warnings are clear. Michael was witness to the death of Anna Nicole Smith from overdose, he was married to Elvis's daughter, he had knowledge and notice and he ignored the warning. Perhaps it was a death wish, perhaps simply addiction which is my suspicion, but we will never truly know the answer to that. He differs from Elvis, the king of rock only in the fact that he lived 8 years longer. While life for the average human is stressful, being the "King" understandably adds a few degrees of stress. Michael awoke every morning and went to sleep every night a victim of his fame, and at great mental cost which led to his physical demise. We witnessed over his last years, through the child molestation trials and financial failure, the demise of Michael Jackson. We witnessed a complete transformation from the innocence of "I'll be there" to a figure we came to know as "whacko Jacko". His personal transformation from the King of Pop to Whacko, was certainly the result of his emotional distress, perhaps from his inability to find himself in adulthood, but his death can be directly attributed to his failure to take control of that stress, and to those that enabled him.

So who really killed Michael Jackson

Regressing for a moment to the first paragraph of this article, we discussed that fact that man has searched for a magic pill to control stress since time began. Even though we have yet to find it, human greed combined with a true desire to advance medicine have provided a deadly cocktail for those who choose to use and abuse it, but still the stress lingers waiting for us to take responsibility, to face our demons. I would first and foremost lay the blood of Michaels death on the "powers that be", on the government and States that permit the pharmaceutical companies to advertise to an unwitting public that the latest dangerous chemical is the answer to all problems, and to lavish rewards on the doctors for prescribing them. This greed for the almighty dollar with carefully orchestrated advertising has turned the American people into a nation of Sheeple, looking to medicine to solve all their problems, never mind personal responsibility.

Next I would have to lay Michaels blood on those who enabled him, they too acted out of greed. The high paid medical "professionals" knew the dangers, they knew right from wrong but they didn't just say no. Lastly, I would have to submit that none of this would have mattered and Michael would likely be alive today if he had taken responsibility for managing his stress without chemicals.

Michael paid the ultimate price because the government chooses to ignore the millions that perish from dangerous drugs, in favor of pursuing those that offer natural solutions, those that threaten drug profits. He paid the ultimate price because of the greed of pharmaceutical companies that work to convince that dangerous drugs are the first choice for all human ills, and due to the irresponsibility and greed of the very enablers that he undoubtedly paid very well to help him kill himself. Michaels death was by his own hand, facilitated by a very broken society. Michael has been exonerated, he has paid the ultimate price for irresponsibility. If we are to cast blame on his enablers, let us cast it fairly and levy charges against all the above.

And the Sheeple will continue to perish

I offer these thoughts for the many millions that feel they cannot make it through the day without drugs to blunt reality, and mostly for the few that might read and choose not to perish due to their own irresponsibility. As long as we remain a nation of followers, believing in science to deliver us from self responsibility, we will continue to perish unnecessarily. The medication promised to deliver us, only dilates brains, suppresses logic and converts the masses into a writhing, squirming mass of emotion, a volatile recipe for disaster. Half of our cars are driven by medicated drivers and we have road rage, we have adults walking into schools slaughtering the innocent. Half of our families are medicated and we have mass family dysfunction, turning out dysfunctional children into a dysfunctional medicated world. For believers, we see in Genesis what happens when we subrogate logic to emotion; it was certainly not a logical act that started the downward spiral in which we find humanity today, and it is the failure to walk in logic that continues to destroy millions. It is not logical to strap a bomb to a child and send him into a crowd to die, it is not logical to believe this is what God desires for the children he created. Remember Michael, and remember the dangers lurking beneath the high priced pharmaceutical ad's, these chemicals do little more than destroy logic. If you are one of the millions that are crying one minute and a raving lunatic the next, change your diet, stop with sugar free chemicals and processed junk, and eat wholesome natural foods. Your hormones will balance as will your temperament. Help those you care about to seek help in dealing with stress and to cast off the daily medications. Stop setting a medicated example for your children and teach them logic and self responsibility, for you are setting them on the path for the rest of their life. Find safe, natural methods of dealing with your stress before it deals you that last hand. Remember that stress is a "state of mind" and that state can be changed by you, or you can allow it to consume you, that is a choice. Remember that your past does not dictate your future, how you handled the stress of life yesterday does not dictate the manner in which you have to deal with it tomorrow. Realize that even though chemicals may be helpful at times, long term use is what happened to Michael and don't let that happen to you. If you suffer chronic pain and you were not "hit by a truck", it is probably just stress and it is probably in your best interest to stay away from the doctor who has only medication to offer. Let logic reign, if you cannot avoid influence by slick television ad's promising to take all your problems away, drop kick the sucker out the back door and grab a good book on nutrition, better yet grab a Bible and look for instructions....

Remember Michael, he either passed from us leaving only his music, or in death he can remain an icon to set millions of sheeple free from slick drug advertisements and the resulting drug dependency. Which will he be to you

Reference: Dr. Eric Carter holds aa�PhD in behavioral psychology, and multiple awards, certificates and diplomas in alternative medicine modalities. He currently serves as the President of the World Organization of Natural Medicine Practitioners( For comments on this article he may be reached at

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