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Lowering Risk of Getting Lung Cancer

  • Published: 2009-02-21 (Revised/Updated 2010-07-13) : Author: Alan Wighton
  • Synopsis: It is very rare for lung cancer to only have one cause we know that because not everybody who smokes cigarettes gets lung cancer.

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It is very rare for lung cancer to only have one cause; we know that because not everybody who smokes cigarettes gets lung cancer.

I had an uncle who smoked most of his life and died at the grand age of 99. Fortunately he was smart enough to give up smoking in his sixties.

Rather than simply being caused by passing smoke through your lungs, lung cancer is typically triggered by many causes, smoking being the main one. The other causes of lung cancer are nutritional deficiencies, toxins in your environment, our sedentary lifestyle and sometimes emotional conflict.

Now passing smoke through your lungs is not a very clever thing to do, we do it at a young age because we think we're invincible and maybe we are, but as we age we most definitely are not. The biggest health problem with the habit of smoking is, it inhibits the body from absorbing the vitamins and minerals we so badly need to maintain our health. It also irritates the delicate linings of the lungs and cancer will take hold in some part of the body that has been weakened by any damage or irritation.

Studies reveal that almost three thousand people who are non-smokers develop lung cancer every year by inadvertently inhaling second-hand smoke. Unfortunately, despite the fact that no cigarette has touched their lips, they have the same susceptibility rate and the same symptoms as those who smoke.

The food we eat on a daily basis is the foundation of our health. Our diets today have changed vastly and the typical western diet is not known for its health giving qualities. We may think we are eating well but when you consider that we are designed to eat only freshly grown fruit and vegetables, a few whole grains and one or two other items one can see that we have strayed far from a healthy diet. A big percentage of our food intake these days is processed food and nearly all of it is nutritional dead food because of its processing and because it's old. Our poor food choices are most certainly a major contributor to all cancers.

Most of the chemicals we surround ourselves with these days are extracted from crude oil, in other words the petro-chemical industry and they do effect us. 100 years ago there weren't any chemicals but today we are overwhelmed by them. We breathe them in as in exhaust gases from motor vehicles, we use them on our body as in personal care products, even so called natural ones have some chemicals in them, and we take them in directly in the form of food additives. They are also in the homes we live in, because of the many products used in the building industry.

The human body was designed to be physically active and if we neglect this basic function we'll inevitably pay the price in the form of health problems. Some form of exercise on a daily bases is very important to both avoid cancer and to fight cancer. Once again because of the motor car and cheap oil, we seldom get the exercise we so badly need. When we exercise we are enriching our bodies with oxygen and cancer cells cannot survive in an oxygenated environment. That was proven back in 1931.

Emotional conflict can weaken our immune system and that is well recognized. It's because we're holding onto a problem like a personal crises in some form and it's wearing us down. The only solution I can suggest is to seek help to resolve the issues.

Lung cancer symptoms are typically unnoticeable especially during the early stages of the disease, making the detection of the disease even more complicated than ever and making it difficult to determine whether or not it is necessary to seek medical attention. In the absence of symptoms, knowing the risk factors for lung cancer could help you make a more informed decision.

Our bodies have amazing self healing powers that can eliminate cancer, but we have to provide the right conditions to allow that to happen. The bottom line is, you need to take charge of your cancer and no one can do it for you. Appropriate diet and lifestyle changes are your first line of defense.

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