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Telemedicine - Cost-Saving Effectiveness and Convenience

Published: 2016-04-15
Author: Telemedicine Physician Group | Contact:

Synopsis: Physician and founder of Telemedicine Physician Group explains telemedicine is not only less costly than more traditional options for medical care, but also exceptionally convenient.

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According to an article(1) published April 6th on the Deseret News, telemedicine services are quickly beginning to grow in popularity among patients across the country.


While the service is not intended to replace the medical care patients receive from their family physicians, the article explains that telemedicine allows patients to receive care when they aren't able to visit their primary care doctor.

According to the founder of Telemedicine Physician Group, Dr. Michael Farzam, patients are delighted with the level of care they receive via telemedicine services, and enjoy the fact that they needn't take a half-day off work to see a physician. Moreover, he notes, parents with children at home at among the most avid users of the service.

Dr. Farzam explains that, an added benefit to telemedicine is its affordability in comparison to traditional methods; hospitals and urgent care facilities employ a great number of staff and often try to make up for their overhead costs by charging patients and their respective insurance companies large fees.

Through telemedicine, Dr. Farzam notes, medical services can be provided directly to the patient at a much more affordable rate. Dr. Farzam explains some additional benefits associated with telemedicine:

Sheer convenience

Dr. Farzam fully understands that it can be difficult for patient, especially those who aren't necessarily feeling their best, to schedule and arrive to a physician's office for an appointment. Moreover, for people with children at home or patients with mobility issues, sometimes the burdens associated with getting ready and leaving one's home can be all the more troublesome, Dr. Farzam notes.

Telemedicine, as Dr. Farzam explains, offers patients the option to stay at home when they're feeling under the weather, rather than having to sit in a waiting room full of other ill patients.


For people away from home, travelling, or working in remote locations, telemedicine is a convenient and flexible way to receive medical care, Dr. Farzam notes.

Because a great many people don't enjoy the idea of having to miss work by waiting in an urgent care facility or hospital waiting room, telemedicine makes receiving medical care easier than ever, he notes. He adds that, in the event of an emergency or life-threatening condition, patients are advised to dial 911 or contact their local emergency room.

Dr. Farzam concludes that remote care with Telemedicine Physician Group is an outstanding option for patients everywhere.

Those interested in learning more can visit the service online at or call 800-611-2977 today to set up an appointment. Dr. Farzam and his team of experienced physicians look forward to helping patients feel their very best.


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