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Adult Stem Cells Research Leads the way to Fight Disease

  • Published: 2010-07-02 : Author: Lee Crosby
  • Synopsis: The battle between Embyronic and Adult Stem Cell research.

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In the world of stem cells, Adult Stem Cells research is leading the way and providing the most hope for finding ways to treat a whole host of conditions and diseases.

In the battle between Embyronic and Adult Stem Cell research, Adult is leading the way and offers more promise than the controversial Embryonic alternative.

Adult Stem Cells are taken from a patients bone marrow, then re-injected into them. Since they are from the person being treated, there are no concerns over rejection or ethical dilemmas.

Embryonic Stem Cells on the other hand, have to be taken from Embryos, so justifiably, debate rages about the ethics of doing so. More importantly, there are general health concerns as patients receiving embryonic Stem Cell treatments have had new tumors develop as a result.

To be fair, Adult Stem Cell injection therapy is not 100% safe either as the recent death of a woman in Thailand highlights. In that case, suffering from kidney disease, she received injections directly into her kidneys, whereas increasing the number of Adult Stem Cells in her bloodstream would have helped to rebuild her immune system. This case has also brought increased scrutiny on so called Stem Cell tourism.

Despite this, numerous studies have shown that Adult Stem Cells are effective in treating more than 70 diseases.

According to Dr David Prentice, Ph. D, "the possibility that the human body contains cells that can repair and regenerate damaged and diseased tissue has gone from an unlikely proposition to a virtual certainty."

With such a prospect awaiting us, further research and study of the Adult Stem Cells he is referring must continue and be at the forefront of our minds.

About 1 million People Support Adult Stem Cells Research: A Faceboook fan page with news links about the latest developments in Adult Stem Cells Research.

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