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New Year Resolutions for Grandparents

  • Synopsis: Published: 2009-01-02 (Revised/Updated 2016-09-23) - A list of new year resolutions for seniors and grandparents including starting a blog and joining a community - Ajax.

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It's that time of the year again - resolution time. Making and breaking resolutions has become something of a tradition. So, this year how about making some resolutions that you plan to keep? Try these realistic ones.

Keep up with the Kids - Get More Active

Make a resolution to shape-up this year. When you are at the park, don't warm up your favorite bench once again. Instead, join your grandkids and kick those balls around a bit, break into a small jog every now and then, and pass over that saunter for a brisk walk. You can stay active indoors too! How about trying out some new age mantras with power yoga or tai-chi? There are some cool computer games to give your brain a good workout - improve memory, sharpen visual skills and increase reaction time. You could purchase good software that offers fun and easy to use computer games for seniors.

Internet for Seniors - Become Net-Wise

If you are reading this article, then you're probably internet-savvy. But how much do you know about the internet? Does your knowledge stop with e-mails and photo sharing tools? If yes, then make a new resolution to get net-wise. Learn about how you can use the internet to make those simple tasks simpler. Make it a habit to browse the net and find out the latest about your favorite topics - health, news, money, etc. And yes, the internet has it all - right from football scores to up-to-date developments in sewing & knitting. If you are wondering how to get started, check out computer for seniors that'll gift-wrap all that you want in one single package.

Senior Activities - Make Time for your Social Life

So, you grow older, wiser and busier when your grandkids come along. But your social life need not take a back-seat with these new fulfilling responsibilities. This year, make a resolution to enhance your life. Catch up with your friends and make it a point to meet up with them at least once a month. Contact your old high school or college friends and organize a reunion. Take this resolution one step ahead and join a senior citizen online community. You can make new friends, create a new social network, get involved in community activities for seniors and put yourself where all the action is. Try this amazing internet for seniors software that creates a safe, friendly & comfortable environment online.

Senior Blogs - Move Over, Junior

This last one takes the cake 'cause blogging is in! Senior blogs are a great way to bond across the globe, meet new people, make your opinion felt and share your life experiences with others. Stick to this cool resolution and create a blog. It's easy and fun when you have software for seniors that helps you become active online participants by offering a safe portal to connect across generations. So this weekend, forget bingo and start your very own blog.

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