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Distance to Cities from Melbourne

  • Published: 2009-01-03 (Revised/Updated 2016-03-20) : Author: Mairead Foley : Contact:
  • Synopsis: Travel directions and distances from Melbourne to other capital cities in Australia.

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"When planning a holiday it's a good idea to be familiar with distances between various cities."

Melbourne is the state capital of Victoria in south eastern Australia. There's plenty to see and do in the city, but how do you get to other cities from Melbourne

Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia. It's located on the banks of the River Yarra and on the shores of Port Philip. There's much to do in Melbourne and with an abundance of fine restaurants and cafes, shops and galleries, botanic gardens and tourist attractions everywhere you turn.

When planning a holiday it's a good idea to be familiar with distances between various cities. So if you're starting point is Melbourne here are the distances from Melbourne to other major cities in Australia.

Adelaide - is the capital of the South Australian state and is the fifth largest city in Australia. Adelaide is located 732 kilometers from Melbourne and will take you approximately 9 hours and 30 minute drive via Princess Highway. This is a very scenic drive with pretty seaside villages and towns, national parks and lakes.

Brisbane - is the state capital of Queensland and is the third most populated city in Australia. Brisbane is located 1671 kilometers from Melbourne and will take you approximately 20 hours and 50 minutes via Hume, Newell, Gore and Warrego Highways.

Canberra - is the capital city of Australia and is also the largest inland city. The driving distance from Canberra to Melbourne is 658 kilometers and will take you approximately 7 hours and 40 minute drive via Princess Highway.

Darwin - is the capital city of the Northern Territory and is located on the majestic Timor Sea. Darwin is the smallest and most northerly of the Australian cities. Darwin is located 3,189 kilometers from Melbourne and will take you over 2 days to get there by the famous Stuart Highway.

Perth - also known as 'The City of Light', is the largest city and the capital of the Western Australia State. Perth is truly a magnificent city and an extremely popular holiday destination.

Perth is located 3456 kilometers from Melbourne and will take approximately 1 day and 18 hours to complete the journey. You'll have to take the Eyre Highway and then cross the Nullarbor Plain to complete this journey.

Freemantle - is a port city located just 19 kilometers southwest of Perth in Western Australia. The city of Freemantle attracts over 2 million visitors each year and has much to offer. Freemantle is located approx. 3500km from Melbourne. By Road, via the Eyre Highway and Nullarbor Plain, Freemantle is a good 2 day drive nonstop, or a 3 hour flight from Melbourne.

Sydney - is the state capital of New South Wales and is the most populated city in Australia. Sydney is located 873 kilometers from Melbourne and will take you approximately 10 hours to drive via the Hume Highway (31). This is an extremely popular and scenic route that takes in national parks, villages and towns, excellent surf and much more along the way.

Wherever you're heading you may need to get yourself a car rental. It's a great idea to organize it before you travel.

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